The Cultural Composition of Most US Cities

I live in America. And I’ve been in a lot of cities and states in America. Also, I watch TV and movies in America. And here’s something I’ve observed. America is a country that’s not on TV or in movies. In other words, TV and movies don’t accurately portray our country. You can’t learn about America by watching TV and movies.

Here’s the best way to learn something accurate and substantial about America. Go to the South, and track down some guy who won the lottery. Ask him what he bought with his lottery winnings. How do you think he’ll respond? Do you think he’ll say, “Well. I’ve built myself quite a portfolio. I’ve invested $20 million in real estate. And $20 million in stocks and bonds. And I’ve got $10 million in fine art, including three Van Goghs and four Cezannes. I’m also planning to take a trip to Europe. I hear Croatia is quite breathtaking this time of year.”

Will a Southern lottery winner say that kind of stuff? Heck no! Here’s what he’ll say. “I bought a white F150, and I also bought a grey Silverado, and I bought a black F150 for my brother Billy, and a green Dodge Ram for my cousin Bobby, and a blue F150 for my grandma Billie Jean, and a grey F150 for my other grandma Bobbie Joe.” Then ask him, “Did you also buy a house?” And he’ll tell you, “Right now I’m homeless, and I got 700 pickup trucks parked on Flatbush Avenue. And most of those trucks is F150s.”

In the majority of US cities, if you give some guy millions and millions of dollars, you can go ahead and assume that he’s gonna accumulate a bountiful fleet of vehicles. And those vehicles won’t exactly be chock full of names like Mercedes and BMW and Audi.

So, yeah. I’m talking about America right now. The stuff I just said in the previous two paragraphs tells you quite a bit about what America is.

Now, some of you might counter, “America is a diverse country of 330 million people, and you can’t sum up that country in two paragraphs.”

Yes. I agree wholeheartedly. But here’s what I’m saying. I’m saying, if you were to briefly sum up America, if you were to make a one word summary of the entire country, that word would have to be F150. “F150” is a word that packs a tremendous amount of American educational value into just four characters.

By and large, we have an F150 culture in this country. 60.3% of US cities feature that culture quite a bit. You go to those cities, and you see plenty of people driving F150s, or you observe people doing or saying things that make you think, “This person probably drives an F150, and he has little to nothing in common with Chandler Bing.”

That’s what you come across in most of the United States. Now let me ask you this. When you turn on your TV or go to the movies, what do you see? Do you see a plethora...

The rest of this article can be found in the book What I Think of Various Places and People by Rodney Ohebsion