What Causes Bad Breath

Going through our normal routine of activities if someone asks us what we are doing we would just say we are working or playing or watching movie but what we fail to take into account is that while doing all that we heat and drink and our mouths are also working 24/7. We don’t only use our mouth to talk or just to bite and chew food, we also process food and the first stage of digestion starts from our mouths. Sometimes we don’t take proper care of our mouth which leads to bad breath. Having a bad breath is not only disgusting but can also cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment especially in front of your partner. Bad breath also known as halitosis is very common. It is usually caused by the common things we do I our routine. Bad breath can be avoided and cured easily by maintaining a good oral hygiene, maintaining a proper diet and consulting a Kennewick Dentist regularly. There a number of reasons that cause bad breath some of these are as follows:

Germs: The digesting process starts by biting and chewing food and our saliva not only helps get the food down the throat but also starts the digesting process. If we don’t clean our teeth regularly some of the foods that gets stuck between the teeth can become a safe haven for germs. Germs start to make their colonies in the mouth causing our breath to stink. Germs may also start growing after an improper denture treatment or any other such oral appliance. Unless they are properly dealt with, these germs will cause more than just the bad breath. Germs attach themselves with gums, teeth and even our tongue, they produce volatile sulfur compounds (VSC). These volatile sulfur compounds are the major contributor of bad breath as they release a gas which has a foul smell and when you breathe that gas goes out of your mouth and into the air around you. This can be avoided by maintaining a proper oral hygiene. Regular brushing, tongue scraping and flossing helps get rid of the germs. Using antiseptic mouth wash also helps reduce the halitosis by reducing the VSC’s.

Dry mouth: The moth is always wet because of saliva. Food particles in the mouth if left for long can cause bad breath, saliva helps in removing these food particle. Dry mouth in medical terms is known as xerostomia which is caused by gland problems. If the mouth is not producing enough saliva it can lead to a number of problems. One of the problems it can cause is bad breath in the morning.

Food: Your eating habits and the kind of food you eat can also lead to ad breath. Eating cloves of garlic or onions causes your breath to stink. There are other foods as well which produce a discomforting smell. Eating habits also contribute to the problem as the food you eat gets digested and enters your blood stream and when you breathe your lungs expel smell. Eating healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables helps solve the issue.

Medical conditions: Bad breath is not only caused by messing up your diet and avoiding regular brushing, it can also be caused due to certain diseases. Chronic acid reflux, metabolic disorders and some cancers are also known to cause bad breath.

Everyone wants others to like him/her specially your partner and family. Something as minor as bad breath can cause those around you a lot of discomfort. Improving the daily routine like regularly brushing, flossing, tongue scraping and using antiseptic mouth can save you from a lot of embarrassment.