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What are Pop-ups or what are the Pop up ads ?

Popup ads or pop up advertising are the advertisements that show up in a new browser window when you click or hover on a link or image while surfing on internet. As per one of the Toronto's Best Inbound Marketing Company, The overall definition of a popup is `a browser window that appears out of nowhere as you are viewing content on the web.` There are also programs known as pop under ads, which display windows behind your web browser window. As a user is surfing the web and visiting various websites, new windows may suddenly (and without user initiation) open and display advertisements and promotions.

Pop-Ups are NOT security risks. They can NOT carry Spy Bots, Viruses, or Trojans. The reason they may be blocked is that, if they are designed to open automatically, they can be annoying nuisances!

Major Concerns of Pop Ups

  • A screen flooded with pop-ups may make navigating the web stressful and difficult.
  • At times, they may look like browsers of normal web pages and can cause confusion to the users. A pop-up may not be even related to the site itself, thus annoying the user with its irrelevance to the site and its obstruction to the browsing experience.
  • Some pop-ups contain inappropriate or even pornographic content, which you may not like to watch.
  • Some pop-ups appear as a result in the site being reloaded, causing loss of information for the users.

How to Block Popup Ads

Ads pop up can be a tremendous annoyance, but there are ways to deal with them. Your best bet would be to close the window and not interact with those popups. The best way to prevent from Popup ads is don’t connect to internet without enabling firewall and Anti-virus software. Increase the security settings in the browser so that Activex controls won’t install automatically and these free classifieds won’t come up to your screen.

Default browser of Microsoft Windows `Internet Explorer` is configured to block all pop-up ads by default. If you don’t like the blocker warning or its associated beep, you can control the pop-up blocker’ssettings. Also, any good Anti-virus package can be a great tool for avoiding pop-ups.