What Are Dental Cysts and How to Treat Them

Dental cysts are something which can never be ignored. The pain these cysts can cause can be quite dramatic, but it’s not just the pain that is the main point of concern. Dental cysts can deliver huge damage to the jawbone and teeth.

What a dental cyst really is?

The dental cyst is basically a bulk of tissues that gets developed in the gums. When the dental pulp dies off, cyst starts to develop; and it keeps developing as the pulp material wears out. This development of cyst causes extreme pressure around the connected teeth and gums.

Common types

Periapical cyst is the most common type of cysts that infects the dental health. When the pulp tissues in the tooth die, they start to release from the tip of tooth root in form of dangerous toxins, causing inflammation in the area of releasing point.

Another type is the follicular cyst. This infection is usually developed around the lower wisdom teeth. When the cyst is developed, it resists the blood flow in the area, causing damage to the other teeth.

Reason for the formation of cysts

The cysts usually develop in the areas around dead teeth or the ones that do not fully develop. The main cause for the cysts to develop is the specific bacteria that grow around the dead or underdeveloped teeth. In some rare instances, this problem can be genetic.

How to find the cysts

It is difficult to spot a cyst with a naked eye unless it has grown too much to infect the major area. So, it is important to visit the dentist and get the roots of teeth examined with the help of X-Rays or MRI. The early diagnosis and treatment can save a patient from receiving further harm.

What cysts can cause?

Cysts can cause severe pain in the jawbone. There can be swelling the in the area as well. The dental cysts can cause damage to the other teeth as well by making them to wear out due to existence of bacterial infection.


Endodontic therapy is one of the most preferable options when it comes to treating dental cysts. This procedure is basically aimed at cleaning the dead and infected pulp which causes infection. This therapy basically involves insertion of needle like material in the tooth that runs through its length to reach the root of tooth. From these, it performs vacuum cleaning function to remove the infected pulp. The major advantage of this process is that it doesn’t require intense cutting of the area to perform surgery.

Surgical treatment

In case the infection has infected the jawbone at quite depth, intensive surgery becomes the only option to treat the cyst. In that case, the entire area is opened by intense cutting and then the cyst is removed.

Remember, prevention is always the better option as compared to treatment. So make sure that you are maintaining your oral health. for better dental care, ensure that high quality and sterilized teeth whitening kit is being used when you visit the dentist for teeth cleaning.