Independent Mobile Gaming Consultant

Producer behind several top 10-25 USA grossing games


For quite some time I was a producer behind several top 10-25 grossing games in USA and other countries. Those are Fishdom, Gardenscapes and Homescapes.

That involved the whole development cycle. From polishing small things to strategic planning years ahead. Creative game-design, visuals, content updates, events, analytics, A/B tests etc.

I can do a complete review of your game project on any stage. From both business and creative perspective. You will get:

  • An excessive revision on overall concept of your game. Will it potentially find its audience? Does this audience is really big for this game to become a scalable and successful business? And what can be changed to improve that.
  • An insightful feedback on visuals of your game. A word about the style chosen and overall direction. Suggestions on what can and should be improved to get to your audience and actually get to a larger audience.
  • A creative suggestions to improve all the needed KPI metrics. Setting, lore, features, events, game-design, complexity curves etc.
  • Multi-genre. No matter what approach you have chosen for this gaming adventure - I will evaluate it and bring a value to your journey.

The whole review will take about 7 days. As a result you will get a document with detailed feedback and to-do suggestions.

Not cheap.

But guaranteed to save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in production as well as lots of development time.

It is also possible to get an extended support along the production. I will make an initial review and afterwards will review the monthly builds and comment on all the aspects of the game.

Interested? Drop me a line to and get your game and potentially your business to the next level.