Squash is one of the fastest growing school and college sports. Not surprising, since it's fun, strategic, and one of the best cardio/ fitness workouts of any sport.

Staples plays in the Fairwest league, the largest and most competitive public school squash league in the country.

Squad line-ups

No cuts from the squad. Ladder will determine who dresses for the varsity team, who dresses for the JV team and the match order.

For each match, we dress eight count seven. Where opposing teams can accommodate more matches, we will dress more players.

In Season Ladder

The ladder will run all season, and used to determine who plays for Varsity or JV that week. It will also determine the position on the team.

Players are required to play at least one ladder challenge match every two weeks.

Challenge players above you in the squad. It is recommended that you challenge no more than three spots higher. Players are not able to challenge the same player twice in a 15 day period. You may not challenge more than one player at a time. If you are not able to play your challenge match for any reason other than injury, the match will result in a default. A challenge match is a full best of five PAR to 11 match.

Challenge players in your squad. Ladders listings will be updated and maintained at wreckerssquash.org.

Current Boys Ladder.

Current Girls Ladder.

Players record and enter their challenges through clublocker.com. Click on enter score/ladder/INTENSITY Junior ladder.

Match Schedule

Check the calendar. All teams have matches the first week. JV teams have matches the first day.

Practice Schedule

Check the calendar. Teams practice Monday to Thursday. Boys have early practice on Mondays and Wednesdays, Girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You will not have practice on days you have a match.


We will go over rules throughout the season, but players will be required to ref the match after you with your playing partner. If you are not certain of rules, scoring or what is required to referee:

  1. Watch the videos on rules on wreckerssquash.org
  2. Check with your captains. They can explain the rules.
  3. Ask a parent volunteers/ coaches for a quick intro/ refresher on the rules.
  4. We will have a rules evening with Kim Clearkin, the director of tournaments for US Squash, at INTENSITY on December 3rd.

Code of conduct

We expect to see sportsmanlike behavior and respect for other players at all tames. See US Squash code of conduct, for players AND parents. Everyone has signed and agreed to this.

JV Captains

JV captains will be the two most senior, highest ranked players that dress for the team that match. E.g. If one senior is playing at number seven on the team (s)he is one captain. If two juniors are playing at three and four on the team, the junior at three is the other captain.

Showing up for practices and matches

Players have a responsibility to turn up for all scheduled matches and practices. An attendance roster is kept. In all cases, please speak with your coach and email westportjuniorsquash@gmail.com. You may be absent if:

  1. You have an exam or college visit.
  2. You have a sick note from the school nurse or an excused absence from school that day.
  3. You have an injury. (In which case you are required to attend practice with the team, but will not play).
  4. Excused absences. Please speak with your coach and email westportjuniorsquash@gmail.com if you need an excused absence.
  5. Other absenteeism may result in you being dropped from the team, or consideration for varsity letters at season-end.

Qualifying for a Varsity letter

Varsity letters will be awarded at the end of season to any player who:

  1. Plays a match for the varsity team, AND
  2. Has a clean attendance record for practices and matches.

Scholar Athlete Award

High school students who have a 3.5 or higher GPA at the end of the school year and have played in four US Squash accredited singles tournaments, or an approved number of US Squash Scholastic Squash Program (SSP) matches between April 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018, are eligible to apply.

Fairwest matches are approved SSP. Playing in six Fairwest matches count as one tournament.

So, if you’re interested in qualifying for the US Squash scholar athlete award, play in six matches for the league and a minimum of three US Squash tournaments.