Check out upcoming match fixtures, practices, and events for Wreckers Squash. Includes the Staples Squash and Westport Middle School Squash Programs.

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Wreckers Squash is an association of Westport parents and players whose goal is to encourage young players to take up and love the game of squash. The current focus of our programs is limited to Westport Public Schools.

Parent Volunteers AND COACHES

High School

Ananth Krishnamurthy

Aryan Shayegani

Dave Edwards (Fairwest)

Gavin McMahon (Schedule)

Jen Gold (Communications)

Joey Bautista

Ken Palumbo (Treasurer)

Pamela Davis

Sheri McMahon (Promotions)

Middle School

Jen Gabler

Liz Solovay

Volunteer Coaches

Adrien Picheny

Eddie O'Rourke

Gavin McMahon

Jennifer Gabler

Lance Mald

Whitney Stewart

High School Varsity players also volunteer their time to coach middle school programs

High School Coaches

Eddie O'Rourke

Karim Yehia

Whitney Stewart