West Meadowlark Community League

9311-165 Street

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5R 2S5

780-484-6132 (please leave a message)

Facility Manager: Maureen Seltzer

Office Hours: Wednesdays: 9 am to 11 am

Spray Park Hours:

The Spray Park is now open!

9 a.m. to 9 p.m., 7 days a week

Please be respectful of our park:

  • Keep the area clean and pick-up your garbage
  • No smoking is allowed in the park (City of Edmonton bylaw)
  • No dogs (on or off leash) are allowed in the park (City of Edmonton bylaw)
  • Please don't ride your bikes or scooters through the park
  • Parking is at a premium, so make sure to obey parking and use the crosswalks. Do not jaywalk!

Note: There are no public bathroom facilities on site. The St Francis Xavier Rec Centre across the field has public washroom access.

For information about the summer green shack program, visit our programs page.

WMCL Executive 2017/18

President: Greg Jober

Vice President: Naomi Gienow

Treasurer: Angela Welz

Secretary: Sandy Yamamoto

Program Directors: Jennifer Buchanan, Heather Strachan (Garden)

Membership Director: Tanys Gray

Newsletter: Maureen Seltzer

Website and Social Media: Angela Welz, Vanessa Welz

Civics Director: Erin Dobbin, Stephen Poole

Social Director: Kim Dobbin

Bingo Director: Faye Pfanmuller

Casino Director: Sandy Yamamoto

Building: Len Sarnecki

Scholarship: Sylvia Courchesne

Neighborhood Patrol Director: VACANT

Playground Liaison: Angela Welz

Sports Director: VACANT

Members at Large: Jeff Christie (Special Projects), Candace Enns (Health and Safety Director)

West Meadowlark Community League | 9311 165 Street | Edmonton, Alberta | Canada | T5R 2S5

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