West Meadowlark Community League

9311-165 Street

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5R 2S5

780-484-6132 (please leave a message)

Facility Manager: Maureen Seltzer

Office Hours: Wednesdays: 9 am to 11 am

Spray Park Hours:

The Spray Park is expected to open in June 2017.

Rink Hours:

The rink is closed as of March 1, 2017. Thank you for a great season!

WMCL Executive 2017/18

President: Greg Jober

Vice President: Naomi Gienow

Treasurer: Angela Welz

Secretary: Sandy Yamamoto

Program Directors: Jennifer Buchanan, Heather Strachan

Membership Director: Tanys Gray

Newsletter: Maureen Seltzer

Website and Social Media: Angela Welz, Vanessa Welz

Civics Director: Erin Dobbin, Stephen Poole

Social Director: Kim Dobbin

Bingo Director: Faye Pfanmuller

Casino Director: Sandy Yamamoto

Building: Len Sarnecki

Scholarship: Sylvia Courchesne

Neighborhood Watch: VACANT

Playground: Angela Welz

Soccer Director: VACANT

Members at Large: Jeff Christie, Candace Enns

West Meadowlark Community League | 9311 165 Street | Edmonton, Alberta | Canada | T5R 2S5

780-484-6132 | | Facebook | Twitter