2019 Recipients


The WMCL offers two $500 Scholarships towards post secondary education for a Grade 12 student graduating this year. Please review the scholarship requirements below. Applications are due August 31 of the application year.


  1. The recipient or his or her immediate family must be a WMCL member and resident in West Meadowlark for a minimum of two consecutive years prior to the time of application.

  2. The recipient must be a Grade 12 student graduating during the current year of the application.

  3. The recipient must use the award to further his or her formal education at any post secondary institution immediately upon receipt of the Scholarship.

  4. The applicant must submit an official transcript of his or her High School marks. The applicant must provide proof of registration at a post secondary institution in a Diploma, Certificate, Trade or Degree Program and provide proof confirming a term of studies for a minimum of one year. The applicant must further provide a letter to the Scholarship Chairperson outlining a brief explanation of his or her educational intentions.

  5. The applicant and his or her immediate family must show commitment to the ideals of the WMCL. The applicant must volunteer a minimum of five hours for each of the two prior consecutive years (totaling 10 hours over two years), all of which hours are to be at the WMCL level. The applicant must obtain proof of volunteer hours in writing from the appropriate WMCL member and submit proof of all volunteer hours to the Scholarship Chairperson. It is suggested that the applicant contact the WMCL coordinator for any information on volunteer opportunities.

  6. The applicant will provide all necessary documents required to the Scholarship Chairperson no later than August 31st.

  7. The award-winning recipient(s) will be selected on the basis of a combination of the highest marks, WMCL Volunteer commitment and Family community involvement, giving each of these an equal weight in the final decision.

  8. The Scholarship(s) will be awarded at the October or November Executive Meeting of the WMCL.

  9. The majority decision of the Committee is final.

How to Apply

Please provide the following documents to the Scholarship Chairperson by August 31st.

  • Cover Letter – to include explanation of educational intentions & community involvement

  • Proof of WMCL Membership

  • Official Transcript of High School Marks

  • Proof of Registration into Post Secondary Institution

  • Proof of term of studies for a minimum of one year

  • Proof of Volunteer Hours

Please email your applications to