Family: $30

Adult (no children): $20

Seniors: $10

$10 replacement fee for lost cards

How to purchase

To purchase a membership, please fill in the online form, contact Tanys at 780-481-1804, or attend our annual Membership BBQ in September. Payment can now be done through e-transfer.

You must live within the West Meadowlark boundaries to purchase a membership. If you do not live within West Meadowlark, please contact your local league.

Why Purchase a Membership?

You may ask yourself why you should purchase a West Meadowlark Community League membership. You maybe don't have children, so you don't see the need for a membership. There are a variety of benefits that come with having a WMCL membership (and these are listed below), but one of the most important reasons to purchase a membership is that your membership supports your community and gives you a voice in your neighbourhood. We are proud of the work that our community league is doing, the initiatives we are working on, and programs and events we are offering.

Purchasing a community league membership is a small price to pay in the investment of your community league and in the West Meadowlark neighbourhood. Support the WMCL and be proud of the place we call home.

Hello Benefits!

  • WMCL members can skate FREE at WMCL skating rinks or any other Edmonton Community League rinks during posted operating hours. Dark red tags are required on skates.
  • FREE admission to WMCL events such as the Membership BBQ, Christmas Party, Snow Day Party and other social events.
  • Swim FREE at the Jamie Platz YMCA pool on Sundays from 5-7 pm.
  • FREE admission for WMCL members at the Walking Track at the St Francis Xavier Sports Centre on Mondays 7-8 pm (Oct-Mar)
  • Discounted rates/admissions on WMCL programs such as Zumba and Guitar.
  • A valid membership is required to purchase a West Meadowlark Community Garden membership and garden plot (if space is available).
  • Participation in our annual PRIVATE Big Bin Event for FREE.
  • Discounted rates to rent West Meadowlark Hall (only for residents that live within WMCL boundaries)
  • Discounted rates for passes at City of Edmonton Sports and Fitness Facilities.
  • Participation in Community based sports such as soccer or baseball or Community League operated playschool programs.
  • Free listing in the West Meadowlark Member’s Business Directory.
  • Discounts with West Meadowlark Associate Business Partners.