West Linn Cross Country


Our season is, unfortunately, rapidly coming to a close! We have just one more meet where all of you will be competing. Our district meet is a week-and-a-half away, next Wednesday at Clackamas Community College. That means we have just one or two more hard workouts we can do that will have an impact our fitness for the district meet. It's important that we run these workouts smart and under control. It's easy to get overzealous and do too much that will negatively affect your district meet performance. Doing the right amount at the right intensities will provide you with a fitness boost while still allowing for proper and thorough recovery for the big meet. Training smart is just as important as racing smart.

Saturday was the first time that we've been to Willamette Mission State Park for the George Fox Invitational, and it was, by all accounts, a resounding success!! We had flawless weather and an awesomely fast course. We had 80 PRs or season best times run out of the 98 of you that toed the line! That's simply astonishing!! Congratulations! Be patient with us tomorrow, we're going to need a bit of extra time to hand out all of the kudos!!


Our goal is to have fun while improving our fitness as runners and racers. Cross country is a sport in which personal achievement is every bit as important as team achievement, and by improving yourself, you improve the team. Cross country will not only test your physical fitness, but your mental toughness as well. You will be pushed by your coaches, teammates, competitors, courses and conditions, and you will learn to persevere. The main purpose, however, is to enjoy the process of becoming a better athlete, teammate and sportsman.


During the summer, we'll be holding practices primarily at Mary S Young park at 5:30pm. We'll meet by the drinking fountain across the parking lot from the dog park. Expect to be done between 7pm and 7:30pm. Our long runs will take place at a variety of locations on Saturdays at 10am. Pay attention to your emails, this site , our mobile app and the Facebook page for details on where and when we're meeting each week. That information will be posted each Sunday for the coming week.

All practices during the week while school is in session will take place at the school. We will meet in the stadium stands at 3:30pm each day unless announced otherwise. Announcements regarding location of Saturday practices will be made in the weekly training plan that is posted and sent via email. Any last minute changes will posted here, on the team's Facebook page, the mobile app and emailed and announced at practice if possible.

Attendance is taken at practices and it is expected that you attend all practices during the cross country season. The training schedule that the coaches have developed is based on the idea that you will be there each day. Easy days ARE NOT optional days. They are there for good reason. The coaches do not put them on the schedule as a means of wasting your time. If you don't practice, you can't improve, and if you're not fit enough to take part in meets because you haven't come to practice, you won't be entered. The risk of injury is too high to allow an unfit athlete to race.

What to Bring to Practices:

Every day: proper attire, water bottle or sports drink

Mandatory: Proper running shoes - not cross trainers, Keds, Skechers, Vans etc.

Optional but suggested: hat, small towel, lip balm, sunscreen, energizing snack for afterward.