News & updates

On February 16th 2020 we will be holding an informal open training session with with various senior Goju Instructors. Non members welcome but some martial arts experience would be needed. See the events calendar for more information.

November 2019 AJMAF seminar where Chris, one of our Chief Instructors, was one of the instructors for the day.

The next trip to Japan will be in September 2021.

On December 2nd 2018 we will be attending a ZNSBR-UK seminar in Staffordshire with training sessions in Goju Karate, Aikido, Hakko Ryu Ju Jitsu, Goshin Ju Jitsu and Toyama Ryu Iaido.

From Nov 1st 2017, we will be relocating the Thursday sessions to Westfield Church Hall.

On Sept 24th 2017 Westfield Goju will be delivering a workshop on Sesan Kata and its bunkai at Battle Sports Centre. This will be open to members and invited friends of the following groups: Westfield Goju, Ho Ei Juku and the Zen Nippon Seibukan Budo Renmenei.

Oct 10th 2017: The outline details for the next Japan trip are now out - see dedicated page.

October 2016: Training resumes now that Vance and Chris have returned from Japan.