Western Warlords

Tabletop and Role Playing Gaming in Western London

We are now a comfortably established gaming group, meeting regularly on Thursday evenings. We play a variety of RPGs and sometimes card/board games as well. If you are located in West London and particularly if you are in the Ealing area, please get in touch with us. And if you are a GM, then you'll be especially welcome as we always need people willing to run more games.

We meet at:

Ealing Village Community Centre

Ealing Village, W5

Ealing Village is a gated community.

There is a pedestrian entrance to the estate located on Madeley Road, W5. This is 5-10 minutes walk from Ealing Broadway station and nearby buses.

Vehicle access and bus stops on the 83 bus route are located on Hanger Lane.

You will need a passcode to enter the estate, so please contact us in advance so we can sort this out with you.

For more details and a Contact Form to send us a message, please see the companion Blog link below

Western Warlords Blogger Contact Form here

We are aiming to make this the new RPG Gaming Hub for West London.

Get in touch and join us.

Western Warlords has now been meeting successfully since July 2018 and has evolved into a friendly and welcoming group of gamers playing a variety of Roleplaying and Card/Board Games. Most members are happy to try out new games, and we are looking for more GMs. So if there is a game you would like to run or to play, do get in touch.

A personal note and a bit of history:

This site was created as a place marker to get the Western Warlords group started. We are now a comfortably established games group, though always looking for new members.

Western Warlords was created by a veteran gamer of the baby boomer generation, looking for new gaming contacts with similar-minded individuals. My own main interests are Sci-Fi and Fantasy, though I'm open to some historical gaming too. I wanted to set up the group because it seems fairly challenging to link up with other gamers these days. (or perhaps I'm simply behind the times and there's a clever method that I don't know about!). Gaming stores are now few and far between and many of them no longer seem to want to carry adverts for gamers/groups. Many of the web listings for wargame and RPG groups are out of date, and some groups are actually fairly static and not truly open to new members.

My own situation is that I've been a fairly avid gamer since the age of around 10, and an RPGer from around the late 1970s when D&D and Traveller hit the UK. What with having taken time out to do all the vanilla friends/family/job/responsibilities stuff that we all get involved with, coupled with a great many of my former gaming colleagues now being spread far and wide across the country, the time is now ripe for looking for new gaming contacts, players, participants and friendly adversaries. I've mostly enjoyed fairly immersive long-running RPGs, Griffin Mountain being among the more notable. I'm interested in hearing from other baby boomers who, like me, are now in a position to re-embrace their gaming interests, or any other gamers who have an interest in continuing RPG campaigns and nice tabletop games.

My own current interests include:

          • D100 games such as Magic World, FrontierSpace, Bare Bones Fantasy, Covert Ops
          • Small independent games such as Adventurers - particularly interested in Dark Camelot and Post-Apocalypse
          • Mazes & Minotaurs
          • Quirky retro games such as Starships & Spacemen
          • Pulp 'Rockets and Rayguns' gaming - system undecided
          • Traveller or other 2D6 offspring
          • Older games such as Runequest2, Top Secret/SI, Star Wars D6 or Saga
          • Working intermittently on a mish-mash of gaming ideas around a campaign set in and around Atlantis

Tabletop and board game interests include:

          • Stargrunt II (sci-fi platoon to company level ground combat)
          • Dirtside II (sci-fi battalion battlegroup level ground combat)
          • Colonial Battlefleet (flotilla or small fleet space combat)
          • Fireteam Andromeda (another Sci-Fi ground combat rules set)
          • Star Warriors (the old West End Games fighter board game
          • Silent Death (classic space fighter game)
          • Stingray! (using an excellent set of rules devised by the talented David Manley) (The current favourite tabletop board game)
          • Federation Commander (though out of practice and numerous releases behind the times)
          • Engage (another Trek-styled tabletop game)

Historical interests have included:

          • WW1 air warfare (interest growing again due to the availability of amazing 3D printed aircraft)
          • WW2 air warfare
          • Modern air warfare
          • WW2 naval warfare
          • Modern naval warfare (using Harpoon; I must have been mad!)
          • WW2 land in 6mm
          • Modern land in 6mm

I grew up with wargaming, and graduated through skirmish games and then into roleplaying games once D&D and Traveller were published. As such, I am 'old school' in that I enjoy miniatures and tactical representations. I'm not of the abstract storyteller type, and don't really enjoy that type of RPG all that much. I like models and miniatures and visually attractive games. And I like tactical movement and playing out clever stratagems on the table rather than just describing them and making a dice roll. Miniatures mainly in the true 28mm (without scale creep!) and sometimes with very old miniatures such as Stargrunt, in 25mm rather than 28mm. Lots of spaceship miniatures, manly smaller models suitable for use on 30mm hex grids. Lots of 6mm science fiction armour too,

I'm open to ideas for other games but the D&D/AD&D/Pathfinder/D20 Old School gaming area is not something I find particularly interesting or want to play. I kind of played that to death back when it was new, and have no wish to revisit games with level and hit point bloat again. Good luck to those who enjoy it, and to be fair it is still the most popular RPG out there. Just not one that appeals to me these days.

These days I generally prefer fairly simple games mechanics. I've certainly played some games which had insane levels of detail and massively time-consuming resolutions - for example, Challenger 2, Harpoon, Star Fleet Battles and several others. I no longer have the inclination to use rules which can take several hours to work out what happened in fifteen seconds of game tine!

Currently in the Ealing/Greenford area, W and UB postcodes.

There is a contact form on the companion Blogger site at the link below if you would like to get in touch