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Mini Aussies and Dog Grooming Services

We are a small breeding program who is passionate about raising happy, healthy and sweet-tempered miniature aussies. Our Mini Aussies are the result of selectively breeding quality bloodlines to ensure the best possible puppies to our clients. We have worked with knowledgeable breeders to develop a line of dogs that have exceptional intelligence , temperament and genetic structure. Our MAS have American Stock Dog Registration and come from championship bloodlines. They have been health tested for genetic anomalies including eye ,hip and elbow issues to ensure you receive only the best companion. We provide veterinary care and routine wellness checks for our dogs and puppies get the same medical care and puppy vaccinations. We believe in responsible and ethical breeding practices and our puppies are raised with lots of love and care as active family members to us. Our puppies come with health guarantee from veterinarian, puppy starter packages, spay/neuter contract, breeder rights contract as well as a lifetime of support from us to you.


It all starts with Daisy

She is the reason we became obsessed with this beautiful breed. Daisy is the dream dog. We believe she was born trained. By this I mean she never went through puppy chewing, she never pottied in the house.

She is so adaptable, she enjoys playing with us outside, and yet is happy to have a lazy day on the couch. She is so smart and takes to everything so quick. We took her to a working stock dog clinic and even though she was the smallest out there, she was keen and natural to the herding instinct.

Daisy is a bit shy with strangers but to her family she is the most loving and kind. She makes us laugh daily with her vocalization to us when she wants our attention or gets excited when we play. If you know Aussies they have a presence that is so unique. She is the most nurturing mama to her puppy litter and is the most attentive mama to her babies.

Chasing Raynebows

Our Rayne stands 15” tall. She is the most affectionate and outgoing personality. Everywhere she goes and everyone she meets she is sure to make friends. Rayne is a beautiful Blue Merle female and has the most dazzling eyes, one brown and one blue eye.

Rayne loves to run and play with a passion for adventure. She is the one when watching tv is not close enough to us unless she is pretty much laying across our neck. She is super athletic and excels at agility and loves to show off.

Carl Wayne Diggs Diamonds

Carl Wayne stands-14” tall and he is very handsome. We are delighted to have him in our family and as our stud dog. Carl Wayne is super intelligent and a total lovable guy who loves to please. He is a Black Tri with double ice blue eyes. Carl Wayne is like an old man in a dog body. He is a very respectful little guy, who is so well behaved and doesn’t need constant attention, he’s very well mannered and is a total love bug. He brings us new bloodlines from Texas, and it was worth the  investment to bring into our program but most of all our family.

Western Paws Mini Aussies and Dog Grooming Services
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