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What is my unit’s link for members to join online?

If your unit has completed the Merchant Processing Agreement, your unit can now accept online payments for membership. Unit admins can go to the STORE Admin tab to check the settings and to preview the store.

To capture the link to your store – click on VIEW STORE (top right) and copy and paste the url at the top of the page (formatted like this – Be sure to test the link first to make sure it works before publishing.

​Merchant Processing Agreement Help Article

Setting Up Your Store – Help Article

New Custom Bundled Membership – Help Article

PTA Marketing

Create a brag sheet for your Unit. Show your activities, awards, accomplishments, budget, membership, social media links, QR codes to websites, business partners, contact information, thank you, etc., on a one page fun handout that can be printed or shared via email, websites, and social media. A huge thank you to Michael from Maplemere PTA for sharing their brag sheet to get you started. Click here to check it out!

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