Westerly Special Education Local Advisory Committee

Welcome to the Westerly Local Special Education Advisory Committee! This site provides helpful resources to support parents, educators, and community members to ensure all Westerly Public Students Succeed!

Advisory committee for Special Education created to advocate for the educational needs of children with learning challenges, disabilities and other special needs.

The membership of the committee includes parents, caregivers, educators and community members concerned with the education of students with disabilities in Westerly.

What We Do

  • Work cooperatively with the Westerly School Committee in an advisory capacity to address the unmet needs of special needs students.
  • Present workshops for parents, community members and educators on issues for children with special needs in Westerly.
  • Promote communication and programs to support inclusion of children with special needs.

“ We strive to encourage respect for and to work towards the understanding and appropriate

education for all children with special needs in the Westerly community.”