The phrase of the week: “Delayed Maintenance”

This word first materialized in the inspection report about the future West Davis Veterinary Center building. Incipient problems balloon into a larger issues. A roofer removes the gutter downspout and it lays on the ground during an intense rainy season; what was a simple replacement of a gutter is now replacement of both gutter and damaged siding. An outdoor closet door falls off hinges and instead of a door installation, there is now door replacement and electrical panel repair. Fixing these items is dreary but feasible.

Finding items on the fly during the work day is far more jolting, especially when you are a cat. Cats like surprise noises even less than people, so the deafening noise of a sawzall (needed to remove a rusted blocked disposal in the lab) did not enhance our patient’s exam room experience. Poor kitty waited in the carrier covered with a Feliway pheromone infused towel to calm down and her caretaker elected to read a book in the car.

Eventually our feline patient mellowed and allowed medical therapy. We promise better insulation from noise and summer heat in the future. Our veterinary architects are busy with plans. We are very thankful for the people with patience for our delayed maintenance repair. From today onwards: no power tools and cats in the building at once. Cheers! The Staff and Doctors at West Davis Veterinary Center