Westcliff Shopping Center

Community Principles and Priorities


The principles that stand out from meetings, email, phone calls and social media input:

  • Walkable center that engages the neighborhoods,
  • Protect single family home valuations,
  • No student housing now or in the future,
  • Preserve key tenants with their accessible and affordable services…


  • Walkable (BlueZones)
  • Convenient location en route to other neighborhoods/workplace
  • Grocery Store (BlueZones)
  • Hardware Store
  • Community Restaurant (BlueZones)
  • Affordable general store
  • Essential personal services: Hair, Nails, Boutique, Vet, Exercise, Investment, Affordable necessities
  • Safety
    • Lighting
    • Better traffic flow
    • Limit undesirable business
  • Density is a major concern
    • TCU overlay is about reducing density
    • Rezoning of neighborhoods eliminated most “B” and all “C” zoned lots
    • Almost all lots now zoned “A Single-Family”
    • Absolutely no student housing
  • Community Support
    • How can we support a sale and facilitate positive development?

Westcliff Shopping Center circa 1954.