Tutoring for all high school and college students in Westchester County

914-236-4268 sid@hantler.net

What I offer

I offer individual, in-person and online, tutoring for all high school and college mathematics and physics classes, except statistics, and for the mathematics and physics sections of all standardized exams. For more than forty years I have helped hundreds of students improve their understanding, class grades and exam scores. Although math and physics courses and exams can be extremely challenging, mastering them pays big dividends to diligent students. An experienced tutor can identi problems and provide the motivation and subject matter support students need to improve their performance in classes and on standardized exams.

I have a PhD in mathematics from The University of Michigan and over forty years experience as a private tutor, college teacher and research mathematician. My PhD dissertation was in functional analysis and functions of several complex variables and I have done research in several other fields of mathematics along with programming and managing groups of programmers as a Research Staff Member and Manager at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center.

Who I am

I have taught at SUNY Purchase, Pace, Polytechnic and Fordham and tutored hundreds of students in courses from elementary algebra and geometry to honors and AP physics, AP calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and thermodynamics. In addition, I have prepared students for ACT, CLEP, PSAT, SAT, AP, GRE and GMAT. I am the author of dozens of peer reviewed research publications, have received five corporate IBM outstanding innovation awards and hold six US patents. My resume contains more information.

I tutor Sunday through Thursday from noon until 10 PM and Friday from noon until 3 PM. We can meet in your home or in a mutually convenient public location. Westchester county has dozens of public libraries that encourage tutoring and there are many suitable coffee shops. I also offer online tutoring by phone or by video conference. My regularly scheduled students receive reduced rate online tutoring and unlimited free telephone help as needed.

When and Where