Parent Resources for Social Emotional Learning

Here is a list of topics that you can access under each grade band above:
Self-Management Social Awareness Self-Efficacy Growth Mindset Grit & Resiliency Emotional Regulation Sense of Belonging Self Management Social Awareness

WCSD Social Emotional Learning Vision Statement & Long-Term Goals

Students and adults in West Carrollton City Schools create a safe and caring environment where we develop the skills, empathy, and resilience to care for ourselves and others. We respect diversity, communicate openly, grow together using both formal instruction of SEL and informal teachable moments, and hold each other to high expectations to become lifelong learners and civically engaged innovators of the future.

  1. Plan and implement training for 100% of staff members across the district on whole child development.

  2. By 2025, 90% of our students will perceive themselves as a confident individual when presented with a challenge.

  3. By 2025, 90% of our students will perceive their school environment as supportive of their learning.

  4. By 2025, 90% of students will report feeling respected by their peers.

What is SEL?

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Support is Strong for SEL...

From Young People

They see the benefits of attending schools that emphasize SEL. But most current and recent high school students believe their schools could have done better.

Read the 2018 report.

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From Parents

81% of parents believe that SEL is just as important as academic learning, according to the 2018 Social and Emotional Learning Report from McGraw-Hill Education/Morning Consult.

Read the 2018 study.

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From Teachers

A survey of teachers commissioned by CASEL found 93% of teachers want a greater focus on SEL in schools. They agree that social and emotional skills are teachable and are calling for schools to prioritize the integration of SEL learning practices and strategies.

Read the 2013 report.

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From Employers

Six of the Top 10 skills identified by the World Economic Forum involve social and emotional competence. In another survey, 92% of surveyed executives say skills such as problem-solving and communicating clearly are equal to or more important than technical skills. Companies such as Allstate, Bank of America, and Google are prioritizing SEL.

Read more from a 2016 congressional briefing.

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