Call for Presentation @ WEROB 2017

What is "Workshop on Educational Robotics (WEROB)"?

Workshop on Educational Robotics (WEROB) aims at bringing together teachers, mentors, educators of all kind, and students from schools, clubs, community centers, and educational institutions offering formal and informal educational robotics learning opportunities to students, to showcase and discuss their experiences, accomplishments, and current practices using robotics. This workshop hopes to also provide a place to share relevant projects and discuss specific technical issues that may arise in different learning setting as well as the impact of robotics in education. The workshop contains various presentations by mentor/teachers/educators on their research and/or practice, or by students/team on their accomplishments and development, hands-on workshop introduces and teaches new robotics tools and/or ideas, and RoboCup Symposium invited talks/keynotes.

Call for Presentation at WEROB 2017:

We are inviting teachers/mentors/educators and/or students to present their accomplishment at WEROB 2017!!

Some examples of topics of particular interest to this workshop are:

- impact of educational robotics on student learning

- impact of educational robotics in the community

- school projects involving robotics

- specific use of robots to demonstrate STEM concepts

- techniques to build robots and/or sensors

- innovative way to develop an omni-view camera

- innovative use of sensors or new technology

- showcase of students (teams) accomplishment with robotics, especially with RoboCupJunior leagues

Types of presentations are:

- mentor/teacher presentation of their research and/or practice (20-30 min)

- students/team presentation of their accomplishment (showcase, 20-30 min)

- hands-on workshop to introduce or teach new robotics ideas/tools (max. 1 hr)

For information about past presentations/papers, visit:

Important dates:

- submissions deadline: June 22, 2017

- notification of acceptance: June 27, 2017

- submission of final version: July 18, 2017


Please, write a brief text explaining your presentation. It can be from a single page to maximum of 6 pages. All submitted papers must be written in English, in single column and following the template that you can find under "Author Guidelines" in Final submission should be minimum 3 pages and maximum 6 pages. We will post all accepted papers and their presentations on the RoboCupJunior website under the resources page.

Once your paper is ready to be submitted, please, send it by email directly to the workshop organizers (Amy Eguchi - and A. Fernando Ribeiro -

If you have registered for RoboCupJunior, you will have an access to the RoboCup Symposium and to this workshop. If you wish to present at the workshop but are not registered for RoboCupJunior or RoboCup, you need to register for the RoboCup Symposium, which will also grant an access to the co-located events such as this workshop.

The workshop organizers:

Amy Eguchi - Bloomfield College, New Jersey, USA -

A. Fernando Ribeiro, Universidade do Minho, Portugal -