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A Note about Interest Form Deadlines

If you're interested in auditioning for one of our three shows, you need to complete an interest form. Completing an interest form helps us plan which scripts to use for which plays. All the interest forms are posted on the Drama Club on Google Classroom.

  • The code to join is: mf07aa3.

Here are the deadlines for completing the interest forms for the three plays:

  • All School Play: September 25th; auditions are in October.
  • One Act Contest: November 15th; auditions are in December.
  • Junior High Play: December 20th; auditions are in January.

Helping Out at Football Concessions

As stated in the Drama Club Handbook, unless you're involved with football or cheerleading, you're expected to help at least once at the football concession stand. In addition to how well you audition, I also take your willingness to help out at football concessions into account when I cast a show.

  • Sign up using this Google Form (also posted on the Drama Club Google Classroom).