We’re hearing incredible stories about how people are connecting with their neighbors in the RVA.

Here are just a few:

"My husband John and I live in an older suburban neighborhood fairly close to the church.

For a long time, we were the new kids on the block, but there has been a lot of transition the last couple of years. We now find ourselves as "older" residents in more ways than one! Recently John and I have remarked to each other that we wish we knew our new neighbors...to share life together rather than just wave at each other from our cars. (And I need a good excuse to make John's favorite chocolate cake!) One Saturday morning when we were working in the yard, John and I waved to the young woman across the street. She waved back, and we met at the street.

We knew that she and her fiance were renovating the house.

So we asked how things were going, shared stories about the neighborhood racoon, and answered her questions about the house in which she was living.

After a while, another new neighbor joined in the discussion, and we discovered that he had a Bon Air Baptist connection! Both of these young people talked about how much they loved the neighborhood, and they wanted to know all the stories of the houses. Our conversation was so much fun.

The next day when Otis Hall preached about reaching out and caring for our neighbors I rejoiced inside because I knew God was up to something good!

Then, that afternoon after church, a man knocked on our door and said that he was also a new neighbor.

He had been talking to the new neighbor on the corner, and when it was mentioned that I was on staff at Bon Air Baptist Church, he said that he knew he had to come introduce himself.

You see, this new neighbor makes beautiful wooden crosses, and he gives them away. He wondered if I knew anyone that might appreciate a cross, and I assured him I did. Wow! Now God was really getting my attention!

I'm excited about our growing relationship with our neighbors.

You know it's true...God is good...all the time."

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"My friend has a neighbor that she has been praying for over the years...

...offering encouraging words, testimony about God's love, etc., as appropriate. The neighbor had made many mistakes in the past and had grown far from God, lost his wife and family, etc. But over the past couple of years my friend has noticed a big change in him. He has been attending church and shared that he was reading and studying the Bible as well as praying. He shared with my friend that life began to change and that he knew that God had done it. He said that he is so grateful to God for His love and grace.

My friend has continued to pray for him.

In recent conversation, he said that he was praying that he would have an opportunity to have his daughter in his life again. He wanted to tell her about Jesus and let her know what he had learned about God. My friend began to pray this prayer request on her neighbor's behalf and recently he found out that his daughter is going to come live with him! Her mother is giving her up. The neighbor is ecsastatic about this. My friend says that she is going to keep praying because this will probably be a challenging transition for both father and daughter, but these prayers have been answered! My friend is overjoyed that her neighbor is wanting to grow as a Christian and now will have the chance to have a relationship restored."

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"One of our church members was at a local laundry mat this morning...

...and started a conversation with someone. It came up that our church member belonged to Bon Air Baptist. The person at the laundry mat said, “Wow, man. I want to thank you. A couple of years ago, I was in a tough spot and your church helped me with a couple bills, and man, it was really an answer to prayer. I'm still working my way, but someday, I'd like to give some to pay it forward to the next person who might be in need.”

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