Challenge #7: Be: Angry

Righteous Anger is anger over the mistreatment, insult, or malice of another. It's akin to a sense of injustice. Here's how it looks:

· It reacts against actual sin, not a violation of my desires or preferences.

· It's motivated by Biblically-informed concerns.

· It responds in ways consistent with Christian character.

Take the Challenge

· Be angry about injustice.

· Use your privilege and blessings to be part of the solution.

· Be angry for the least of these (See Matthew 25:35-40). Provide a blessing to each of them.

· Be angry about the status quo; Be an agent of change.

Find Productive Ways to Be Angry

Teach English as a Second Language (ESL)

Get involved with our ESL team.

Be a Mentor

Join us as we mentor kids at Church Hill Activities & Tutuoring (CHAT).

Give to a Food Pantry

Donate to our in-church food pantry and our food pantry at Huguenot High School which will be opening in September.

Volunteer at shelters like CARITAS

We're a partner with CARITAS. We provide meals and we regularly donate to CARITAS.

Write letters to prisoners

Work with our prison ministry.

Work with a non-profit or church to change the status quo with issues like sex-trafficking, homelessness, and addiction.


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Stay tuned for more challenges coming each week throughout the summer of 2018.

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