About Us

We are bakers, it's kinda our thing.

It started with pies but our tummies rumbled for more so we evolved into bread. Crusty, soft, floured and rustic. White, brown, nutty, sourdough and focaccia - we just love bread!

But, we still hungered for more ways of beating flour and water together. At outdoor festivals with our bread and pies we enviously lusted after our friend's pizza business The Welsh Italian Pizza. So clean and fresh, so sexy and now! We marveled at the open fire, gasped at the theatre of pizza making and our mouths watered at the sizzling hot pizzas with delicately crisped edges bubbling away teasingly.

"Amazing" we sighed and "if only" we pondered.

Flash forward 18 months and we learn our friends are selling their oven. It comes at a time we are considering some outdoor catering options for our other job Llanyrafon Manor in Cwmbran. They kindly agree to sell us their business as a whole, it must be "meant to be" our careful savings perfectly match the price. We love their brand and look and we will be proud to continue their name. They even more kindly teach us their skills and share their knowledge and love of all things Italian. Thankfully Steve knew his way around a pizza peel already so some things came more naturally than others!

So, in 2015 the Welsh Italian Pizza Co. were formed, and in April 2017 we took up the mantle and jumped in at the deep end with our first private booking a week later. All was well and the feedback was awesome. Bit achy and shell shocked the next day though!

So, we are here and available for bookings. We will be based at Llanyrafon Manor where we will cater corporate meetings, celebrations and cinema nights. We can attend local fun days, food fairs, weddings and parties.

We can also offer a full day of catered food from breakfast rolls, pizza lunch followed by pulled pork/beef salads.

So please feel free to get in touch using our enquiry form and ask any questions or pose any propositions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Steve & The WIP Team!