These are a selection of comments taken from our Visitors Book

during some of the presentations. Names of contributors withheld.

A very helpful and comprehensive presentation of the history of the Welsh Bible with the opportunity to actually see the very old copies for ourselves. Well done to Mountain Ash Library for hosting the exhibition.

Very interesting and informative. It is a pity that the book that saved the welsh language and nation is no longer revered or read (as it should).

Interesting enough. Occasional faulty welsh**, but a worthwhile effort to recognise the significant development in the publication of the first Welsh Bible.

** These have since been amended

A unique exhibition indeed. Without these reformers I wouldn't be able to learn Welsh today. Thank you for the opportunity of seeing such valued Bibles.

It is quite thrilling to see the originals of such monumental works as Salesbury's Testament and the complete Bible of the heroic Wm. Morgan. Many thanks to the organisers.