Addiction Treatment and Research


EBDK, a subsidiary of The Engel Burman Group, and Northwell Health, the New York Metro area’s largest health system, have partnered to develop a full-continuum of care substance use disorder (SUD) treatment center on eastern Long Island. Wellbridge, set to open in late 2019, will provide all levels of SUD care: residential, ambulatory, extended chronic disease management, and digital support services. The state-of-the-art residential treatment program will be provided in a newly constructed 80-bed facility on a 40 -acre campus in Calverton, NY. The campus will also be home to a 6,000 sq. ft on-site research pavilion. Learn more about the campus here.


Wellbridge will provide all levels of SUD care in a seamless continuum including: residential, ambulatory, extended chronic disease management, and telehealth services. Residential treatment will be provided in a newly constructed 80-bed facility in Calverton, New York. Ambulatory care will be provided at geographically convenient sites throughout the New York metropolitan area including Manhattan, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. This high-end treatment center will be among the very first to offer “close to home” residential and ambulatory SUD services for families living in the NY metropolitan area, but will also be able to service those in need from across the country. In addition, the center will provide high-quality addiction, medical, psychiatric, and family services that capitalize on the unique resources available within an academic medical setting. Care will be guided by the best available science and will include state-of-the-art diagnostics, ability to identify and treat medical and psychiatric issues that co-occur with SUD, the provision of intensive psychotherapy and science-based family therapy. In order to strengthen clinical quality and rapidly introduce the latest SUD treatment discoveries, the center will build and operate its own research division and will be have a digital presence to support the full continuum of care.



1. Work together with Northwell and EDBK senior executives and clinical leaders to refine Wellbridge’s strategic vision, clinical models, research activities, branding, marketing, and business plan in preparation for opening of all functional areas of the business (including residential, ambulatory, research, and digital).

2. Together with Northwell and EDBK senior executives and clinical leaders develop a vision for a corporate culture that will excel in the delivery of high-quality clinical care, innovation, and an exceptional patient care experience.

3. Work closely with Northwell clinical leaders to develop an evidence-based clinical program that capitalizes on the resources and linkages available.

4. Work closely with Northwell and other scientists to develop and implement a research plan that supports the mission of Wellbridge and informs patient care.

5. Develop and oversee implementation of the strategic plan to achieve patient satisfaction, quality and financial goals.

6. Provides leadership and guidance to achieve strategic objectives in delivery of quality patient care.


1. Together with Northwell and EDBK leaders develop and implement relevant policies, procedures, and protocols required to operate residential, ambulatory, and digital components ensuring integration among the components.

2. Together with Northwell and EDBK senior executives and clinical leaders, develop an organization-wide performance improvement plan that includes planning of strategic goals and objectives for the measurement, assessment, and improvement of patient care.

3. Directs performance improvement programs and facilitates ongoing program development.

4. Directs and oversees all day to day operations of all Wellbridge entities.

5. Research, identify, facilitate and promote programs and systems to grow employee engagement. Ensures that communications and interactions reflect a culture of caring, innovation, teamwork, integrity and quality.

6. Drives and fosters a culture of patient and family centered care and service excellence, while improving patient & family experience and patient relations.

7. Develops and recommends necessary improvements required to meet the standards of care ensuring compliance with patient census, including, but not limited to, budgeting, staffing, equipment needs and operating plans.

8. Maintains effective liaison among the medical staff, administration, and all other departments.

9. Manages all business operations of the entities

10. Develops and oversees financial management including budget, salary, capital and revenue projections.

11. Oversee recruitment and hiring of key leadership and staff.

12. Maintains effective liaisons with Board and relevant Northwell and EBDK clinical and executive leaders.


1. Ensures compliance by the entity with all laws and regulations of Federal, State and local governmental agencies and with the standards, rules and regulations of the various accrediting and approving bodies such as OASAS.

2. Maintains liaison with government agencies to forecast changes in health care delivery affecting the entity.

3. Ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory agencies.


The ideal Executive Direction candidate will have at least 10 years of senior management experience in residential SUD care, extensive experience working in the high-end SUD treatment market, excellent communication and leadership skills, and the ability to work closely with senior scientists and academic medicine clinical leaders on implementing a science-based SUD care model.

All interested and qualified applicants should send resumes and cover letters to Esther David.