We need you!

We are reaching out to you as we find ourselves in great need of shoes and belts of any size in good to new condition. Along with this, we are finding it increasingly difficult to supply smaller suits, shirts, and pants sizes to the men in need of them. 

If you have any of these items, our drop-off day is every Monday from 3 - 5:30pm. 

If other arrangements need to be made, please email appointment@wellsuitedkingston.com.

Have a business?

If your business is interested in getting involved and would like to host a drive or company collection, we have a program available to get all the materials needed to you. If interested or have further questions please contact us at opsmanager@wellsuitedkingston.com

Thank you all for your ongoing support!


Our mission is to support and build confidence in men, inspiring them on their journey to economic independence by providing suitable attire and career development tools. In working with our community partners, and treating every individual with unconditional respect we help them enter the workforce, stay employed, and connect with services to improve their job-readiness and life skills needed to become role models in their community.

Looking for new board members: 

We are looking for additional people to join our new board of directors in the following positions:

 Vice Treasurer – fulfil operational aspects of fiduciary oversight

• Director of Human Resources

 Director of Legal/ONCA compliance

Our Story

It all starts with a suit... but it doesn't end there.

Actually, it starts with career-appropriate attire. It could be a suit, or maybe a hard hat. Our relationship continues with career development tools, and essential life skills that help men enter the workforce. 

Through partnerships in our community, we serve those in need based on where they are in life and job or career at the time we are introduced. While the primary mode of support will begin with suiting an individual for the job or career choice, Well Suited will provide additional support to ensure that clients thrive in the workforce and life to become positive role models for themselves, their families and their community. 

Professional attire for interviews and employment comes in many different forms. It doesn't have to be a full business suit!

Click through the slides to see professional, business and work-appropriate styles that can suit everyone's needs from business professional to business casual to everything in between.