Weiwei Zheng

I am a Max Weber Fellow at European University Institute. My current research use laboratory experiments and microeconomics theory to address questions in industrial organization, with a focus on how trading institutions affect market outcomes. 


Competition with indivisibilities and few traders, joint with César Martinelli and Jianxin Wang, Experimental Economics 26, 78–106 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10683-022-09772-9

Working paper

Suggested versus Extended Gifts: How Alternative Market Institutions Mitigate Moral Hazard  

( joint with Daniel Houser and Jason Shachat)

Work in Progress

Tax Evasion and Competing Currencies: A Search-Theoretic Model

(joint with César Martinelli, Daniel Houser and Lina Díaz)

Revisiting Shoe-Leather Cost Model: A Framework for Experimental Studies in Demand for Liquidity

(joint with César Martinelli, Daniel Houser and Lina Díaz)

Combinatorial Auctions with Public Goods

(joint with Arthur Dolgopolov and Daniel Houser)