Wei-Hsuan Yu 

Email: u690604[at]gmail.com       OR         whyu@math.ncu.edu.tw

I am an associate professor at National Central University (中央大學) working in discrete geometry, algebraic combinatorics and the application of Semidefinite Programming. 

About me: 

Ph.D in Mathematics, University of Maryland College Park, 2014

Advisor: Alexander Barg;                  co-advisor: John Benedetto

Visiting Assistant Professor at Michigan State University 2014-17.  

Institute potsdoc, Brown University, ICERM,  mentor : Henry Cohn ,  2017-18 


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Submitted Paper

* F-Y. Liu and W-H. Yu, Semidefinite programming bounds for spherical three-distance sets.

* C.-R. Yeh and W.-H. Yu, Improvement of generalization of Larman-Rogers-Seidel’s Theorem. arXiv:2106.09582

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* W-J. Koa and W-H. Yu, Four-point semidefinite bound for equiangular lines, arXiv:2203.05828

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* M.-C. Hsu, E.-J. Kuo, W.-H. Yu, J.-F. Cai, M-H. Hsieh, Quantum state tomography via non- convex Riemannian gradient descent, arXiv: 2210.04717

* E. Bannai, E. Bannai, C.-Y. Lee, Z. Xiang, W.-H. Yu, On the two-distance embedding in real Euclidean space of coherent configuration of type(2,2:3), arXiv:2211.02331.

Conjecture Prize

Yilan Senior high school talk