1st International

Workshop on Essence in Education & Training

(WEE&T 2020)

Workshop held in conjunction with the 32nd IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering Education & Training (CSEE&T 2020), July 28/29, 2020, Munich, Germany.

Join Us!

Essence, an OMG Standard, delivers essential, universal elements found in all Software Engineering (SE) endeavors and a language to describe and extend these elements and their use in concrete practices to tailor methods to teams’ needs. Its Kernel separates the stable What and Why from the more adaptable How. That way, it provides an essential thinking framework facilitating the adoption and customization of practices and methods. As such, it supports multiple ways of educating SE students as well as training practitioners for the future.

This workshop provides a unique forum to bring together researchers, educators, and trainers to report on their experiences and lessons learned using Essence. It is designed to provide a unique opportunity to exchange thoughts and form valuable collaborations spanning research, education/training, and industrial practice. All those interested in exploring and developing the current and future state of the art in SE methods are strongly encouraged to participate in this workshop.

Target Audience

This workshop is open to anyone interested (i.e., not restricted to authors/co-authors). This includes but is not limited to:

  • educators running course and capstone projects with a focus on sustainable and highly transferable competences,
  • educators, who strive to provide their students with a thinking framework paving the way for their long-lasting SE career,
  • educators, who look for ways to accelerate the integration of Essence into their SE courses and curricula, e.g. by using existing rich learning material,
  • educators and trainers who are curious about what Essence has to offer for their area of interest,
  • educators, who feel that providing just one SE method, agile or traditional, might not meet students’ future requirements,
  • trainers and coaches supporting the adoption of Essence in software companies and projects,
  • course and curriculum designers in search of approaches for integrating activities that are otherwise rather superficially connected,
  • tool creators and practices publishers offering supportive material, as well as
  • new and existing members of the SEMAT Education Project (SEP).

A diverse audience is anticipated to initiate exciting discussions from various perspectives on the contributions presented, as well as the overall subject.