Wedding Preparation

Step#1: Pre-Registration

+Download, Complete, and Save the PRE-WEDDING INFORMATION FILL-IN FORM <or> BLANK FORM

+Email/Mail to Father Jason -

+Father Jason will contact you with confirming the wedding date/location, baptism records, and other details.  

+Father Jason will sign you up for the FOCCUS Online Questionnaire. Details will be sent directly to your emails. 

Step#2: Marriage Couple Forms

+After confirming the date, baptism records, history, and other details with Fr. Jason, each of you can review this document Basic Form A Information.

+At our first in-person meeting, we will fill out and review the forms.

Step#3: Register for Saturday Class

+Register for the Saturday Class that fits into your schedule before your wedding day.  

+Make sure you are registering for the SATURDAY CLASS ($100)

Step#4: Ceremony Planning A

+For Weddings at another Catholic Church, Father Jason will work with you and the other Pastor to make arrangements.  



+DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE for the most commonly used Wedding Hymns in the Archdiocese of Louisville.  

+DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE for hints to share with your photography/video team

Step#5: Father Jason Sessions

+We will schedule a couple sessions to learn more about your journey together, prayer habits, FOCCUS questionnaire, theology questions, family of origin, and other topics to prepare both of you for the wedding day.  

Step#6: Parent/Guardian Meeting

+Parents (preferred) or closest-oldest relative will schedule a short meeting with Fr. Jason or local priest to fill out the MARRIAGE FORM B

+It must be signed in the presence of the presider or another priest.

Step#7: Ceremony Planning B

+Choose the Ceremony Form that we are using FILL-IN FORM <or> BLANK FORM 

+Choose the Readings for the Ceremony FILL-IN FORM <or> BLANK FORM

+DOWNLOAD and Choose the Marriage Vows Format 

+DOWNLOAD and Review the Order of the Wedding Procession

+List the Names of the people in the procession   FILL-IN FORM <or> BLANK FORM 

Step#8: Final Preparations

+Obtain Marriage License from the Clerk's Office NO MORE THAN 30 DAYS before your wedding date.  

+Continue to Pray for your future spouse, parents, and all who will attend the Wedding Ceremony.

+Father Jason will fill out the Marriage License.  He will mail the marriage license for you to prevent any forgetfulness.