Wedding Preparation

Step#1: Pre-Registration

+Download, Complete, and Save the PRE-WEDDING INFORMATION FILL-IN FORM <or> BLANK FORM

+Email/Mail to Father Jason -

+Father Jason will contact you with confirming the wedding date/location, baptism records, and other details.

+Father Jason will sign you up for the FOCCUS Online Questionnaire. Details will be sent directly to your emails.

Step#2: Marriage Couple Forms

+After confirming the date, baptism records, history, and other details with Fr. Jason, each of you can review this document Basic Form A Information.

+At our first in-person meeting, we will fill out and review the forms.

Step#3: Register for Saturday Class

+Register for the Saturday Class that fits into your schedule before your wedding day.

+Make sure you are registering for the SATURDAY CLASS ($100)

Step#4: Ceremony Planning A

+For Weddings held at St. Thomas or St. Monica, contact either Parish Office using this INFORMATION PAGE

+For Weddings at another Catholic Church, Father Jason will work with you and the other Pastor to make arrangements.



+DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE for the most commonly used Wedding Hymns in the Archdiocese of Louisville.

+DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE for hints to share with your photography/video team

Step#5: Father Jason Sessions

+We will schedule approximately 3 to 5 sessions to learn more about your journey together, prayer habits, FOCCUS questionnaire, theology questions, family of origin, and other topics to prepare both of you for the wedding day.

Step#6: Parent/Guardian Meeting

+Parents (preferred) or closest-oldest relative will schedule a short meeting with Fr. Jason or local priest to fill out the MARRIAGE FORM B.

+It must be signed in the presence of the presider or another priest.

Step#7: Ceremony Planning B

+Choose the Ceremony Form that we are using FILL-IN FORM <or> BLANK FORM

+Choose the Readings for the Ceremony FILL-IN FORM <or> BLANK FORM

+DOWNLOAD and Choose the Marriage Vows Format

+DOWNLOAD and Review the Order of the Wedding Procession

+List the Names of the people in the procession FILL-IN FORM <or> BLANK FORM

Step#8: Final Preparations

+Obtain Marriage License from the Clerk's Office NO MORE THAN 30 DAYS before your wedding date.

+Continue to Pray for your future spouse, parents, and all who will attend the Wedding Ceremony.

+Father Jason will fill out the Marriage License. He will mail the marriage license for you to prevent any forgetfulness.