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With an annual wedding rate of over 2.5 million, the wedding business is experiencing a greater level of vitality than it has in the recent past several years. In point of fact, weddings are the "it" thing to do at the moment, particularly the more lavish gatherings with with all of the trimmings. It is not unheard of for a filming session to last for an entire day, with the event taking place at multiple sites, and with hundreds of guests in attendance. I've completed this task a number of times. The family has incurred expenses ranging from approximately $30,000 to over $40,000 as a result of weddings over the past few years. 

According to the website, the states of Nevada, Hawaii, Arkansas, Utah, Tennessee, Vermont, Florida, the District of Columbia, Idaho, and Montana have the highest marriage rates per thousand residents. Other states with high marriage rates include Arkansas, Utah, and Tennessee. So if you happen to call that place home, count your blessings. Yet, effective wedding photography is established by placing the bride and groom first and considering what THEY want on their wedding day. This is done in consideration of what THEY want their wedding photos to look like. You, too, can establish YOUR OWN prosperous wedding photography business if you only stick to this one straightforward principle and make use of your own common sense. Currently, there are a number of professional organizations that concentrate on the field of professional photography and provide services specifically tailored to the needs of professional photographers. Associations such as Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, WPPI,, and other local photography associations can provide beneficial training, resources, and professional contacts. 

These are just a few of the many things that satisfy the wedding photographer's need for new and innovative photographic ideas. It is recommended that you investigate joining the Professional Photographers of America, which may be found online at They offer a wide range of advantages, particularly useful for photography professionals. The professional also has access to a large number of professional magazines, both in print and online versions of the magazine. In addition, the PPA provides educational resources in the form of free online webinars that cover a wide range of photographic topics. The Rangefinder is a publication that is available to all photographers and may be accessed online for free. It features up-to-date reviews of photographic equipment, as well as reviews of wedding and video photography. Their articles are available online at, and you can read them there. It is essential equipment that no aspiring professional photographer should be without. For a good number of years, it has served as a mainstay for professional photographers. Simply conducting a search on Google will allow you to locate a great number of other publications that are available online. They can be found in abundant supply on the market. The bride of today appears to have a slightly more discerning taste in terms of what she wants to see in the photographs taken during her wedding because there are so many different photographic techniques available. It's possible that she already has a concept in her head of how the photographs from her wedding are going to turn out, but as a professional photographer, you should be able to fulfill all of her requests in terms of how the pictures turn out.

The modern bride expects and has the right to receive the highest level of customer service that your business is able to offer. On the day of her wedding, the fact that you take the time to work with the bride and attend to her every requirement is something that she values very highly in this day and age, when prompt delivery is expected and businesses compete to provide the best service possible. More than anything else, it's the photographer's attention to detail that ultimately convinces the bride to hire them. It goes without saying that having amazing images is beneficial to the presentation; yet, if you're a jerk, you'll never get invited to that first wedding. Superior customer service that is individualized to each individual's needs and excellent photography will always triumph over mass-produced and generic photographs and services. During the presentation, when the bride is shown photographs of previous couples' weddings, she is seeing herself as the subject of those pictures. She is really employing you as the expert, a professional wedding photographer, to document her wedding in a memorable way while doing your best to never miss a beat throughout the entire day. She wants you to accomplish this because you are the expert.

She wants to be able to show off her wedding day to all of her close friends by looking at images that are in focus, nicely exposed, adequately lit, and properly framed.

If the work she is viewing is as good as or better than her preconceived concept of what wedding photography should look like, then the price isn't really something that comes into play for her at all. But this is the only condition under which it does.

Display lovely ladies that are about to be getting married. You won't see a model with a hefty build wearing a gorgeous flowing wedding gown very often, if at all. The bride allows herself to be emotionally transported into the scene and imagines herself dressed in the flowing gown. Because of this, you need to display photographs that have a level of appeal that is broad enough for all brides to consider hiring you as their wedding photographer. Display images of aesthetically pleasing churches or homes, as well as landscapes and flowers that are in full bloom. You could want to show the bride pictures of weddings on a variety of different types of days, such as when it was sunny, when it rained, and so on, so that she can get an idea of what you've done in the past. And if you have any weddings that take place during specific times of the year, by all means include some of those as well. Please allow me to share a personal story with you. Once, I made plans for a wedding that wouldn't take place for several months. At the preliminary interview and presentation for wedding photography, everything went according to plan, and the wedding itself appeared to be quite typical.

The day of the wedding finally arrived, and when I arrived to get everything ready for the photos, I was shocked and even appalled to see that the bride was wearing a hoop skirt.

If you've never photographed a hoop skirt before, you should know that the process is significantly different from shooting anything else. The hoop or band that is located at the base of the garment ensures that the skirt will always appear to be completely round. The dress did not have a train attached to it. While taking pictures of the wedding party members standing close to the bride, this hoop presents a significant challenge: the bride's skirt invariably gets pushed in the other direction, which throws its proportions completely off and causes it to look like an asymmetrical bell. I was forced to make a snap decision on the moment in order to salvage the situation, and the only thing I could do was ensure that no one, including the groom, was posed in a position that was too close to the bride. I was responsible for taking all of the formal photographs and tried my hardest to do so, but the hoop was always in the way. It goes without saying that the bride was not pleased with the photographs that I took. But what options do I have?

The moral of the story is that one should never forget to inquire about the style of the bride's attire and then make appropriate preparations. You can probably guess that after that, I never saw another bride wearing a hoop skirt again.