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Legal Education Aligned with Diversity (LEAD) was founded by HKU law students and their teacher Alice Lee in 2017 to promote student-teacher partnership and collaboration in learning and teaching.

The experience in LEAD was enjoyable and rewarding. We put together our creativity, efforts and legal skills to a meaningful and educational cause. After producing a drama series to explain land law principles, I know more about the law and its real-life application. Collaborating closely with my teammates, I improve my team-playing and communication skills. It is exciting to see how traditional teaching methods and multi-media can complement each other and create a new synergy.

Enoch CHAN, BSS(GL)&LLB (2019)

Enoch Chan and Vanessa Ho in one of LEAD's land law videos

LEAD is a fruitful learning activity that I never would have imagined existing in a law school. Used to a quiet room in lecture and tutorial setting, my vision of learning has changed by LEAD. Through making lecture outlines and producing a drama series, I was able to look into land law matters from a different angle, from solely focusing on textbooks, readings and exams to more on the daily application and also an academic perspective of the law. And of course, I am grateful to be in this fun team with such supportive teammates. It is always great to have someone to share your ideas with, and looking back, making those videos was definitely one of the most memorable moments in law school.

Vanessa HO, BSS(GL)&LLB (2019)

LEAD provides an alternative way for students to deepen their understanding of land law principles. Some students prefer expressing their ideas through creative means rather than writing essays, and LEAD offers the platform to showcase their talents. Through scriptwriting and video-filming, I have developed a greater interest in land law. I also find it rewarding when applying the marketing and presentation skills acquired in other business courses in the video-making process. All in all, LEAD is a great opportunity for us to vividly understand legal principles and enhance various soft skills.

Matthew CHEUNG, BBA(Law)&LLB (2019)

Studying laws may sometimes be dull and exhausting, and LEAD kind of provides another way round to make learning more effective, interactive with lots of fun. Although LEAD is now primarily focused on land law, it is an honour to see other lecturers are increasing the use of out-of-ppt learning and teaching methods to make legal education more comprehensive. What's more, when you graduate and review those videos, these will surely be the sweet moments.

Darren TANG, BSS(GL)&LLB (2019)

LEAD has truly taken the lead, not only in the sense that it has reversed the conventional teaching-learning model that most law school subjects adopted, but also in allowing students to take a much more active and significant role in constructing legal knowledge and transferable skills by various innovative methods. I have had the honour and pleasure to participate in LEAD with many outstanding peers, who have all shown their talents in the discussion and production of multiple written and multimedia outputs. The future of legal education, inspired by initiatives of collaboration and creativity like LEAD, is undoubtedly bright.

Wilson LUI, BA&LLB (2019)

LEAD is a pioneering effort in enriching our learning experience as LLB students. For example, video-making for the Optional Exploration activity allows us to consolidate our knowledge and connect them with real life. It is also a rewarding experience as we share knowledge with our peers and earn their appreciation. Moreover, it is an opportunity for teamwork, which is a rarity in the LLB curriculum. It is not hyperbolic at all to say that LEAD provides much fun and freshness to our tedious (at times) legal adventure.

Steve LEE, LLB (2019)

Wilson Lui, Steve Lee, Tony Chan, Vanessa Ho and Phoebe Woo in LEAD's gathering

LEAD has been a pioneer in the way that it tries to approach legal education from a very different angle. As opposed to the usual top-down approach, it emphasises the students taking an initiative from the bottom up, and focuses on a wider range of competencies that a lawyer will need but receive much less training on, such as group collaboration and reconstructing existing knowledge into something that is more comprehensible to one's client or audience. It's been a pleasure to be able to participate and build this from scratch. I'm confident that this is only the beginning and excited to see what lies ahead for the future of legal education.

Tony CHAN, LLB (2019)

Wilson Lui and Tony Chan in LEAD's sharing during land law lecture

Participating in LEAD academic partnership has been an inspiring and intellectually stimulating experience for me. In designing lecture outlines and tutorial videos on land law topics, not only did I drill deeper into specific legal concepts and cases, but also learnt to deliver those complex legal concepts in an effective and engaging way to our future cohorts of law students. Working as a team, we also brought together different talents in script-writing, acting and video-editing to introduce variety into legal education. This collaborative experience, in turn, honed our innovative, communication and presentation skills that are beneficial to our future career in the legal profession.

Janet CHAN, BSS(GL)&LLB (2019)

LEAD is where I can connect with students and teachers who share my passion in knowledge and are keen to make a difference. To enliven legal education, we produced a series of short videos that illustrated land law principles and shared them with other students in class. During the video-making process, we had the chance to discuss the law in greater depth and demonstrate our talents, be it in script-writing, directing, acting or video-editing. I had never thought that creativity could be put into use in legal studies. The collaboration enabled me to see how creative minds are important not just to the study of arts, but also to the study of law.

It is a pleasure being a member of LEAD, I hope that more would see the good in student-teacher partnership and take the lead with us :)

Showing how learning can be fun is our goaL

Together we create and share our knowledgE

Student-teacher partnership in education is our ideA

Together we will inspire more, join us and get on boarD!

Phoebe WOO, BA&LLB (2019)

Phoebe Woo and Alice Lee