Webroot Download - Download Webroot for PC & Mobile Users

Webroot antivirus is safe, powerful, and unique software that protects your systems against all kinds of online threats. This antivirus aims to enhance your system performance by making it secure from cyberattacks. Also, it blocks all the latest phishing and malware threats. Moreover, it is capable of determining what is safe online for a user and what not.

This is designed to perform with any conflict. Its security features protect the user's passwords and identities. Moreover, the best part is that the system never slows down with this antivirus. Through the Webroot Download, the users go safe online against all the emerging threats, including the security of financial details and personal data.

This reading piece aims to provide the users with the valuable information and procedures of Webroot Download for their PC and Mobile.

Webroot Download Procedure for PC Users

You can get either a free or a paid version of Webroot antivirus on your system. We have covered the different processes below that include downloading through the CD too. Hence, go through the instructions attentively.

Webroot Free Trial Version Download

  • First, you have to go to the 'webroot.com/safe' website to download the free trial version.

  • Hence, type the same URL in the browser's navigation tab to begin the search.

  • Then, select from the options 'for home' or 'for business' as per your use of the service.

  • You will find these options depicted at the top of the homepage.

  • Then, make an appropriate selection of the product to meet your requirements.

  • After that, click on the 'start free trial' option.

  • Now, Webroot will request you to input some of your personal details.

  • Hence, input your first name, last name, email address, and country name in the given fields.

  • Then, tap on the 'start free trial' to start with the free version of the Webroot Download process.

  • After that, run the file for its installation.

Paid Subscription Webroot Download

  • First, go to the webpage webroot.com.

  • For this, enter the same into your browser's search bar.

  • Then, select a Webroot product as per suitability.

  • After that, click on the 'add to cart' button.

  • Accordingly, a new window will display on the screen.

  • For Webroot Download, you have to add some personal details as projects on the screen.

  • After that, select a desirable payment option from Debit Card, Credit Card, or PayPal.

  • Now, add the payment details and proceed with the 'buy now' option by clicking on the same.

  • After you acquire the subscription, an order confirmation mail will be shared with you.

  • Hence, access your mail. It comprises a secure downloading link for your Webroot product.

  • Therefore, tap on the link to start downloading the respective file for your PC.

  • After that, accept the software agreement to run and install the file.

Webroot Download Procedure through CD

  • For this Webroot Download procedure, insert the software CD into your system's CD drive.

  • Then, you will see a dialog box.

  • Click on the 'setup' button.

  • After that, the Webroot installer window will open on your screen.

  • Hence, tap on the 'install options' tab.

  • Now, customize the location to save the app in a secure folder.

  • Further, modify the language and read the agreement document.

  • Abide by the agreement and hit the 'agree and install' button.

Webroot Download Procedure for Mobile Users

To get the Webroot Download on mobile, follow these instructions:

  • According to your mobile version, open the Play Store or the App Store.

  • Then, go to the search address bar and type 'Webroot.'

  • After that, the list of products will show.

  • Hence, select the product to fulfill your security needs.

  • Then, tap on the 'install' button.

  • This will start the downloading process.

  • Hence, tap on the 'open' button to launch the app.

  • Now, a window will turn up on the screen showing the installation agreement.

  • Click on the link and read the document attentively.

  • Further, click on the 'agree & launch' button.

  • As a result, the pop-up box asking your authorization to access media, photos, and other files will appear.

  • You have to click on the 'allow' button.

  • Further, a new window will project on the screen with two options stating 'activate' and 'skip.'

  • First-time users can start the free-trial version here by clicking on the 'skip' button.

  • However, for the paid version, tap on the 'activate' option.

  • Now, type the activation code and click on the 'ok' button.

  • Further, a success pop-up will appear. Now, you can activate the settings for the security of your phone.

Later, you can scan the viruses. It takes a few seconds. Then, hit the 'finish' button to conclude the Webroot Download process on the phone.

By following the straightforward instructions given in the procedure of Webroot Download, you can easily get the smartest antivirus on your phone and mobile.