Webroot Download - Procedure to Download Webroot Antivirus Software

Webroot Antivirus Software is one of the most effective software that protects the device from viruses, malware, spyware, and other harmful threats. It is an ideal solution available through which the users can safeguard their sensitive information such as bank details, online purchase details, and login credentials.

Along with the virus scan, Webroot also provides unique features like Identity Shield, Fast Scanning, and more. It scans the user’s device or system at a high-speed and removes the harmful virus from it without slowing down the device. The Webroot products are designed to be effective, fast, and user-centric, providing a high level of protection to user’s devices and information they share on the internet.

The users are recommended to purchase the webroot antivirus software to protect their device and information from harmful viruses, ransomware, and other digital threats. Hence, this write-up includes the step-by-step procedure for webroot download. It also has the steps to disable the webroot antivirus without removing it.

Procedure to download Webroot Antivirus Software

The users can perform the webroot download procedure after purchasing the webroot antivirus software. The webroot download procedure can be executed on various devices such as Mac, iOS, and more. Hence, users looking for the steps to perform the download procedure of Webroot should go through the below points.

Note: The users must ensure that they have purchased the webroot antivirus software and have a webroot account to perform the below steps.

  • The users are advised to open the web browser on the system they want to execute the webroot download process.

  • Next, the users must enter the “www.webroot.com/safe” in the URL section of the web page and then hit the “Search” button.

  • The users will be redirected to the official page of Webroot, from where the users can perform various tasks such as download, install, and activate.

  • On the official page, the users are recommended to provide the “Email Address” and “Keycode.”

  • Note: The Email Address should be registered.

  • Note: The users can create a webroot account by going to the “My Account” section if they do not have one.

  • After entering the keycode, the users are recommended to tap on “Next.”

  • At last, the users must follow the on-screen prompts to get done with the webroot download procedure.

Above are the guidelines to perform the webroot download procedure in just a few minutes. The users can complete the webroot download process by following the step-by-step instructions given above. Hence, the users must go through the above points for the same. If the users encounter issues while performing the webroot download procedure, they must get in touch with the technical support team to solve their problem immediately.

How to Disable the Webroot Antivirus without removing it?

The Webroot Antivirus provides better protection against threats, viruses, and malware, but sometimes it may cause errors when the users try to install any specific program. In this case, the only solution is to disable the Webroot Antivirus.

The users can quickly turn off both Firewall features and Webroot’s scanning without deleting it entirely from the device. The users need to configure the Webroot protection feature before starting the disable process. Therefore, the users are suggested to go through the following instructions to disable the Webroot Antivirus Software.

  • Firstly, the users are recommended to press “Windows-Q” to open the search panel.

  • After that, the users are suggested to type webroot in the search section and then tap on “Enter” to open it.

  • Next, the users should click on “Virus & Spyware Protection” located on the Webroot panel.

  • After this, the users are advised to tap on “Real-Time Scanning” and then on “Turn Off.”

  • Now, the users must select a time frame between fifteen minutes to sixty minutes.

  • Note: If the users want to turn off the Real-Time Scanning forever, they must tap on “Never.” after that, click on “Turn Off” again and then on “Done.”

  • The users are now advised to tap on “Web and Email Protection” displayed on the webroot application window.

  • After that, the users must click on the “Firewall” and then the “Turn Off” button.

  • Note: The users are recommended to choose a time frame between fifteen to sixty minutes when they want to resume all protection features or select “Never” to turn it off forever.

  • After this, tap on the “Turn Off” option again and then on the “Done” button.

  • Hence, after following the above steps, the webroot antivirus software will successfully disable.

Therefore, the users can disable the webroot antivirus software by executing the steps given above. If the users face any issue while performing the above steps, they are recommended to contact the technical support team of Webroot to solve their problem in no time.

This write-up includes the step-by-step procedure for webroot download. It also has the steps to disable the webroot antivirus without removing it.