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Ebundant Online Can give you the online advantage you need, we are located in Launceston Tasmania , But the internet has made the world a small place. We service all of Australia and even service international clients. Find out more about Our Services!!

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Why You Need a Great Website

Today More than ever it is getting more and more important to have an online presence. More and more people turn to a device to get advice, find what they need and even purchase there next investment. Online eCommerce is increasing everyday and latest information has shown more people buy online than out of a store front. Every serious business needs a great functional website! It is very rare nowadays to see someone without a device in their hand or stashed on their person to give them directions or advice. You need to be online to sell you business and services to these people.

Things to look for in a great website

Great web design does not have to be amazing eye candy that leaves you in awe, in fact many of these type of sites do not bring the conversion you require to make money. In fact many eye pleasing websites are in fact low converters with low ROI. Meaning the money spent on them was a wast and people are to busy admiring to actually do what you need. Often these sites have no call to action and the visitor is left thinking what am I to do here but it looks nice.

A well functioning website has a clear call to action, easy to navigate and is seen in the serps. In other words it has traffic or visitors to the site that know why they are there and can get what they want in good time. consider these aspects when you talk to your next web designer.

What is SEO

Seo Stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms the website is constructed in such a way that google can assess it easy and understand what it is about. that is called on-page SEO. If an SEO tells you they can optimize your page without touching it be very careful!! True SEO starts with a great base on page. The other factor is how other sites see and interact with your page, are there links from other reliable websites relative to your site, That is off Page SEO. Unfortunately there are may miss-truths and miss-understandings about Seo even from people who have been doing it for some time. When seeking Seo talk to the person doing the work Make sure they understand on and off page SEO and see if they can show you some of there results. Many can Talk the talk but real live examples is the only real way to know if the know what they are talking about. Ebundant Online can help with Both Web Design and True SEO.

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