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Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Being successful is not an event, it is a habit you must incorporate into your every life. No matter what your goals are like graduating DEBT FREE, building capital to launch a business, paying off a car, or looking to buy your first rental property..... Bulwark will be your vehicle to making that a reality. Join the team today!


75 Club

Every rep that services 75 accounts will be invited to our 75 get-a-way. This trip is for reps only and is a time to relax and have a blast whether we go to Mexico, Southern California or a quick Mountain Biking Trip!

Healthcare 300

Every rep that services 300 accounts in 2018 will be put on our Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance policy.

Every rep that services 300 accounts in 2018 will be invited to our ALL INCLUSIVE trip to Costa Rica. Trip for 2 on us, all expenses paid for; travel and all.

Door Sale Team

As a door rep, we know what its like to be in the field and have an issue pop up. It could be a customer needing to reschedule, a service gets canceled or you have a question about your payroll. We have the solution for any and all problems you might encounter and that is our DOOR SALE TEAM.

Simply call or email for help: 855-370-2990 or doorsale@bulwarkpest.com

Our Reputation

The last thing you want is to lose a sale because of the online reputation of the company you work with... at Bulwark, you will never have that problem.

Rent Bonus

Company Housing

We make rent simple. Rent is $500 per month you stay in company housing however, if you service 20 accounts in any month then your rent is covered.

Married Housing

For couples, Bulwark will help negotiate a great rate at the complex your team is staying at. The lease will go under your name and will need to be paid each month. Bulwark offers rent bonus' to married couples as follows:

      • Under 20 services = $0 bonus
      • 20+ services = $300 bonus
      • 40+ services = $600 bonus
      • 60+ services = $900 bonus

*Rent bonus is paid the first week of each month. Also, any rep that has their own housing will be paid a rent bonus exactly as it shows above.*

Work Hard Play Hard

Look, we get it. Door sales is one of the most challenging jobs out there but it is also THE most gratifying as well. Don't you love the feeling of cruising back to the apartment with the guys after a long day on the doors and you pulled another 5 day. In order to perform at a high level, we know you must have some big dreams that demand such performance, but having some added incentive every now and then doesn't hurt! Here are some of the incentives we run throughout the selling season.

PreSeason "JumpStart" May Days June 100 Push July "Who's Next" Bracket

August Best for Last Cash Post-Season Grinder Tuesday Night Wing Night

Mr. Saturday