We Love To Ski

Skiing is a great Healthy Sport - I always remember skiing back in the 1980's in the USA and having my skies referred to as the "Planks of Doom" by a young America Snowboarder. It never put me off them though! and though I did try Snowboarding once, it wasn't for me.

I've skiied in loads of great resorts!

Austria - Kirchberg (2 trips) Ishgau

Switzerland - Saas Fee

Canada - Whistler and Banff and Lake Louise (3 trips)

USA - Lake Tahoe, Little Bear, Breckenridge, Vail (4 Trips)

Bulgaria - Bansko

France - Meribel

So in total 13 Ski holidays!

I really wish it was 26 or 39 but Skiing isn't a cheap hobby and when you have a family with kids, you need to work around them and sometimes staying at home is the right option when the kids are babies.

What is great about skiing is combined hard exercise with fresh air and ideally healthy food and fruit drinks, though in the past I recall drinking a little too much, which did help me overcome my fear of the mountain. A good thing is now I have no worries or fears and happily throw myself down any slopes. I could really use being fitter and that is my only New Years Resolution, to get my body into a better shape for our next Ski Trip which all being well will be Slovenia

I hope you enjoy my mini website I am working on more and enjoying building these myself!