We Are Baranoff

We Oppose the Proposed Boundary Changes

All affected neighborhoods (Oak Parke, Shady Hollow, Oak Hill, etc.) are strongly opposed to the draft boundaries that would rezone our children from Baranoff to Kocurek Elementary.

  • Slaughter Lane from Oak Parke to Kocurek is dangerous. Multiple AISD students have been struck by vehicles on Slaughter Lane, and traffic is increasing. [Learn about Slaughter Lane]
  • Baranoff's population is decreasing. In fact, the school plans to add additional pre-K students. Without changing boundaries, Austin ISD projects a year-to-year decrease in Baranoff enrollment. There is no need to change boundaries. [Learn about enrollment]
  • New facilities are opening. A new elementary school campus is being constructed to increase capacity for areas served by Kiker and Baranoff. Menchaca Elementary is also opening a new building to increase capacity from 606 to 870. [Learn about the new facilities]
  • The AISD Boundary Advisory Committee has a stated commitment to the fidelity of vertical teams - in this case, Baranoff to Bailey to Bowie. Why are all public options in direct conflict to this laudable goal? [View the boundary maps]

We are petitioning the Austin ISD to reconsider the proposed draft boundary maps that impact Oak Parke students.

Voice Your Thoughts

Cindy Anderson

At-Large Position 8, Vice President


Arati Singh

At-large Position 9


Yasmin Wagner

AISD District 7 Representative



Beth Wilson

Office of Facilities



Paul Cruz




"Our enrollment at Baranoff decreased this year and demographers have us projected to lose additional students next year."  -- Megan Counihan, Principal of Timy Baranoff Elementary, 10 April 2019

Baranoff Enrollment is Decreasing

In a letter to Baranoff Families, our friend Principal Megan Counihan stated that Baranoff enrollment is currently decreasing. Without any boundary changes, Austin ISD projects a year-to-year decrease in Baranoff student population for the next ten years. The decrease becomes more significant when the new Southwest campus is considered.

Tweet from ATCEMS describing Bowie High student struck by vehicle on Slaughter Lane.

Slaughter Lane is Dangerous!

Students walking to Kocurek from Oak Parke must cross Slaughter Lane, one of the top-five most congested roads in southwest Austin. A highschool student was critically injured while traveling the proposed route on the sidewalk, just west of Brodie Lane [source, source]. Slaughter traffic continues to increase. The City of Austin is adding two new lanes to Slaughter [source].

Our children must also pass through the exceptionally busy intersection of Slaughter Lane and Brodie Lane. This intersection has been the site of multiple collisions, at least one fatal [source].

We ask the AISD Boundary Committee to consider the safety of our children and the impact on Slaughter Lane traffic by studying the impact of these changes in conjunction with the proposed Slaughter Lane expansion.

New Facilities are Opening Soon

In January, Voters approved the largest bond in district history ($1.05 billion) to renovate and construct new schools. Located within a few miles of four AISD elementary schools—Clayton, Baldwin, Kiker and Baranoff—the new campus will provide relief for Kiker and Baranoff campuses. Crews will start vertical construction on the school in July 2019 and the school is on track to open in August 2020. [source, source]

Menchaca Elementary will open a new building in January 2020 and increase their capacity from 606 to 870. None of the 10 maps are considering the Menchaca border, and Menchaca capacity will decrease to 84% as soon as the building opens.

We ask AISD to to use current enrollment numbers, update their projections to include the impact of the new facilities, and follow through with the opening of a new Southwest Elementary school before making any boundary changes.



  • April 11, 6 pm: Boundary Advisory Committee meeting in the AISD Board Auditorium.
  • April 16, 6 pm: School Changes 2019 Community Workshop Series at Bowie High School.
  • April 17, 6 pm: School Changes 2019 Community Workshop Series at Fulmore Middle School.
  • April 22, 3:15pm: Baranoff Campus Advisory Committee meeting in the library.
  • April 22, 5 pm: Baranoff Question/Answer Session with district staff in the library.
  • April 25, 6 pm: School Changes 2019 Community Workshop Series a Dobie Middle School.
  • May 7, 6 pm: Boundary Advisory Committee meeting in the AISD Board Auditorium.
  • May 15, 6 pm: Community Open House at Bowie High School in the cafeteria.
  • May 30, 6 pm: Boundary Advisory Committee meeting in the AISD Board Auditorium.