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What is the ultimate guide to the beginners for the answer of how do I become a successful web developer?

As a voice of the beginner’s web developer here I Momenul Ahmad will help you to discover the titled content “ the ultimate guide to becoming a successful web developer also it’s the best answer for the, How do I become a successful Web Developer? So let’s explain me the story of a beginner that how did he become a successful web developer by getting the help from this ultimate guide for the beginner web developer. I had a lacking for the web developers knowledge cause I haven’t heard about web develop, haven’t learn any web development language at before and haven’t any assigned degree with web developer, read more from Guide for the programming career

What Is The Ultimate Guide To Become A Successful Web Developer?

I had a wish to becoming a #webdeveloper and besides on this expectation I had a lacking for

the #webdevelopers knowledge cause I haven’t learn at before #webdevelopment language and

haven’t any assigned degree with web developer that because of I start to search with guide to becoming a successful web developer and luckily I found a #programmingcareerguide- Programming Guide and It's the ultimate guide to me cause this #programmingguide well in consist and easy to the beginner coders that's mean in a single word it's the guide which help the web developers to be successful in their #webdevelopmentcareer.

Now lets describe me that, How I became a web developer by getting the help of this ultimate web developer guide from

WDguideline’s programming career eBook? and I as a beginner coder what I have learnt

through this ultimate programming career guideline for the beginners ?

To be a successful web developer move forward yourself broke the 10 steps staired this ultimate guide:

#1. Guidelines for the Beginner:

As you are reading this book, I am assuming that you want to learn programming. You have to

know and learn a lot to achieve your goal. Therefore your first goal is to know and learn.

Before learning programming you have to learn the basic and subtle matters about

programming because we should have a good knowledge of a work to start learning it. Prepare

yourself to learn programming by acquiring the details of programming. Plan yourself what

you should learn and from where to learn programming and then start learning about it,

because you must have a good planning to achieve any goal, (tap on Guidelines for the

Beginner to read more).

#2. What is Internet ? (under the section of about web technology):

Internet can simply be defined as the connection between two computers. To explain it in a

further clearer way, I can say that my photo is deposited to the data center when I uploaded

my photo on Facebook. When you visit my profile, you can see my photo that is stored in the

data center of Facebook. The connection or relation that is built between your computer and

the data center to see my profile photo is called internet. Always remember one thing, what we

see or read in internet is the storage of data or information of a computer and the computer

which stores the data or information is called data center. Data center is created with the

combination of a single or more than one high configured computer and thousands of hard

discs. This kind of computer is always running, if there is one computer being shut down, then

there will be no data available on the Internet,(tap on What is Internet ? to read more).

#3. What is Web Development ? ( Under The section of Guideline for Beginner Web


Many of us may have wrong ideas about Web Development. Thus it is my duty to provide the

right information about Web Development before someone starts learning Web Development.

Everyone, who wants to learn Web Development, should have clear idea on Web


The works, those have to do from making a website to live it in internet, are called Web

Development, (tap on What is Web Development ? to read more).

#4. What is Freelancing ? (Under The section of Freelancer Career Guideline):

Freelancing is a profession like any other job. It has to abide by all rules and regulations to

maintain a job in an office but in the case of freelancing there are no rules and regulations like

office. You can work as per your wish. Generally freelancing is divided into two parts. They

are: online and offline. The person who does freelancing is called a freelancer, (tap on What is

Freelancing ? to read more).

#5. How to Establish a Company ? ( Under the section of How Companies are made):

The names of Facebook and Google come in our mind whenever we talk about the biggest

companies of the internet world. Just think a little bit, how Facebook and Google have

developed as biggest companies. The biggest companies of the world are formed from the little

ideas to solve the problems of people, (tap on How to Establish a Company ? to read more).

#6. What is Programming Language ? (Under the section of About Programming):

We use different languages to express our feelings. The languages are Bengali, English, Hindi

etc. Computer is not human being. It does not understand languages like Bengali, English,

Hindi etc. We have to use a different language to express our feelings to the computer. These

languages are called programming languages. Let's make it clearer. The people of China do

not understand anything of Bengali. So it is not possible to make the people of China by using

Bengali. To make them understand we have to use Chinese language. Likewise to give any

instruction to the computer we have to use programming languages.

When you write echo "My First Program"; by installing PHP in your computer, you are giving

instruction to your computer to write My First Program, (tap on What is Programming

Language ? to read more).

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How does WD Guideline help me to become a web developer?

I had a wish to becoming a web developer and besides on this expectation I had a lacking for the web developers knowledge cause I haven’t learn at before web development language and haven’t any assigned degree with web developer, thereafter I was determined to become a web developer and I always thought that how a guy to become a developer with computer programming degree?

My dream for the web developer always hooked up me to be a web developer that’s why once day I asked my web developer friend that, where from may I guide myself in web development course than the web developer friend show me the below image about computer programming, coding, coding tests and after saw that I decide to learning web development courses from the: Programming Career Guideline

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What are the activities of three types of hackers?

It’s well known to all that’s hackers are three types (white hat, black hat and the gray hat hackers) but most of us don’t know the activities of three types of hackers that’s because of I shared an answer for your search query of the, What are the activities of three types of hackers? At below besides on who are the hackers and the three types of hackers.

Who are the hackers?

Hackers are whom, those are skilled in coding, programming and networking basically they are known as an ethical hacker and non ethical hackers,

Types of hackers: Generally hackers are classified in three classes.

They are-

1.White Hat Hacker

2.Black Hat Hacker

3.Grey Hat Hacker

There is a reason of naming of the hackers. We use red flag to signify or announce danger. Like that depending on the purpose of hacking, hackers are divided into three types using Hats.

Three types of hackers activities:

Read more- activities of three types of hackers

the activities of three types of hackers by wdguideline.com

Where do I test my computer coding expertise | IT skill test?

Where do I test my computer coding expertise | IT skill test? Computer coding is the aggregated results of the computer programming languages that's because of each and every expert coder learn, research, develop and adapt their coding expertise on their web objects, web development projects either to test their IT skill or to testing computer coding learners IT expertise.

But! You as a computer coding learner, you may learn and research to grow up your code expertise from the relevant sources as YouTube, Programming course learning sites etc.

Now! After completing various types of programming language courses, I think you should test your IT skill for the lessons learned. Read more: Computer Coding Test

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