2019 Camps

Please read below to get information on the 2019 Camp Programs being offered by the Western District of the Moravian Church. You can click on any of the images to register for that camp. Staff can also use the same links and sign up for the staff session of that camp.

A few other important pieces of information:

  • In order to hold a camper's spot, a $35 non-refundable fee is due at the time of registration.
  • The prices listed by each camp are the total cost to be paid for each camper. The registration fee will count towards this amount. FUN FACT: Each camp is offered at a reduced cost (between $55-115 per camper!) thanks to a generous subsidy from a donor funded account to help alleviate the cost of camp to families and congregations. Every camper (Moravian or not) automatically benefits from this gift.
  • **Check with your congregation to see if they provide any financial support.**

4M Camp

AGE: Completed Grades 1 and 2

DATES: August 5-7, 2019

Director: Staci Mareese-Wheeler, lakeview@sbcglobal.net

COST OF CAMP: $135.00

CLICK HERE to register.

Junior Camp

AGE: Completed Grades 3, 4, & 5

DATES: July 28- August 1, 2019

Directors: Katie VanDerLinde, pastor.kvdl@gmail.com

COST OF CAMP: $200.00

CLICK HERE to register.


AGE: Completed Grades 2, 3, 4, & 5

DATES: June 16-19, 2019

Director: Tiffani Glime, tiffani@glime.us

COST OF CAMP: $200.00

CLICK HERE to register.


AGE: Completed Grades 6,7 & 8

DATES: July 21-27, 2019

Director: Beth Rohn-Habhagger, pastorrohn@aol.com

COST OF CAMP: $290.00

CLICK HERE to register.


AGE: Completed Grades 9 - Age 21

DATES: July 14-20, 2019

Directors: Jason Andersen: pastor_jason_andersen@hotmail.com

Amy Andersen, smilesfromamy@yahoo.com

COST OF CAMP: $290.00

CLICK HERE to register.