Get a mask exemption for your child.

WCS 2021-2022

What did WCS do?

On August 10, 2021, the WCS School board voted to make masks required for Elementary School students, staff, teachers and visitors in Williamson County Schools. It goes into effect on Thursday August 12th and will expire on 9/20. However, if they voted them when 'cases' are at Feb 2020 levels, then you can fully expect them to be revoted for as 'cases' increase. (We anticipate middle and high schoolers will also have a requirement at the next meeting). The School Board made this decision in the face of the 90-95% of parents who chose to send their kids back to school without masks.

They did include a way to opt your child out of masks - through exemptions. They fully expect and accept that people will highly utilize the exemption option. This site is built by parents that have been through this before and want to help other parents get mask exemptions. Its extremely simple. To get a mask exemption, you have to download the form and declare a medical or religious exemption. The form is sent to your school principal....

Your child does NOT have to wear a mask in school.

Medical Exemptions.

Medical exemptions require a doctor's 'note'. If your kid has asthma, or some other chronic respiratory condition, that should be pretty easy, but it may take some time to get the form to the doctor and back. Download the form below and send it to your physician NOW! However, if you child has undiagnosable conditions like anxiety, difficulty breathing in masks for 8-10 hours a day, claustrophobia, skin conditions, foggy glasses, etc - then it is unlikely that you will be able to get a medical exemption.

Note, you are submitting this form to your principal. He/she typically will not approve a medical exemption without a doctors note. Normal parents will want to argue with them about your kids anxiety. You will get mad at the principal, send some mean emails and spend weeks going absolutely nowhere. <Know that the principal is not your enemy. Whatever side they are on, they are just following orders. So don't waste your time arguing with them.> Then you will escalate to the superintendent 🤮 and you will spend weeks to months going back and forth and you will NOT get an exemption approved. I know, because I went through this exact same thing last year. Enter the religious exemption...

Religious Exemptions.

Religious exemptions are ALWAYS APPROVED, 100% of the time, promptly. They can't deny a religious exemption. This is the cleanest and fastest approach. The requirement for a religious exemption is that there are 'firmly held religious beliefs'. The Board fully expects that parents who don't want their kids in masks will use this option. They have actually made it really easy to get a religious exemption. You don't even have to give a reason this year, just check one box.

So you have to download the form below, check the box and sign it. Email, don't snail mail it. Do not feel bad or guilty about doing this. They expect it and God will bless you for not suffocating your child. 😇

How to get it.

Get form below

Fill out form.

Send to Principal


Williamson County Schools (How to find staff/principals email address. Hover over 'schools' at top of page to find your school. Click on it then on the school page, go to 'about us'. You will find staff and their email addresses.

If you have something useful, email us and we will post.

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Is that all?

No. This exemption is a band-aid, a temporary fix to a bigger problem. School boards do not have the statutory authority to issue mask mandates. I encourage you to join lawsuits against the school board. Also, we need new school board representatives. Board reps have a 4 year term. Half are up for election every 2 years. The next election is in 2022. It will take some time but we will replace them all (save one). And that allows us to get rid of Jason Golden as superintendent. We need educators, not lawyers in charge of our children's education. I encourage you to join/follow groups like Moms for Liberty and Tennessee Stands, and other; show up at board meetings and get active in your kids schools. Full Disclosure: I am unaffiliated with any group. And finally SHARE THIS SITE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!!!!

If you have any questions, just email