Frequently Asked Questions

How do referees get paid?

As a referee you will be getting paid per game and the price depends on the age group of the kids that you are reffing reffing. The price starts out at $15.50 and you can work your way up to $55. All the payments will be electronic, there will be no checks issued.

Can we referee in the summer?

Yes! There are always summer tournaments that will be played that we need referees for. Please send us an email if you would like more information.

What does the time commitment look like?

One of the nice things about being a referee is you get to determine your weekend schedule. You get to pick your own game times and for the most part how many games you would like to work in a day.

What time of the year will newer referees be most busy?

If you are just starting out, we will have you working the recreational games that take place in the Fall and in the Spring. There will be 8 weekends per season.

For any questions about re-certification please refer to our Registration and Upgrade page. Thanks.

What are the websites that we will be using?

To referees that are looking to work recreational games and Ranger Games, we will be using Game Officials . For those looking to referee high school games we use Arbiter Sports.