Welcome to /wbg/

/wbg/ is a community for Worldbuilding found on 4chan's /tg/ board. Our goal is to help each other build settings for games, stories, or just for fun. We welcome all discussion pertaining to Worldbuilding including but not limited to map making, constructing languages, and writing in general.

There are many other groups on /tg/ who have resource troves that may prove useful to worldbuilders as well.

Game Design General is a recurring /tg/ thread focused on the mechanical side of game design, and as such there is a lot of overlap between their community and ours. They often discuss Worldbuilding as well, with a focus on the practical side of it- building something to go with a set of mechanics, for example. Their website has many valuable resources to help with planning our an rpg system, board game, or other type of game.

/ic/ is the Artwork/Critique board, and focuses on helping artists develop skills and acquire feedback. Their resource trove has a lot of useful tutorials and references, as well as advice on art supplies and programs/drawing tablets. Very useful if you're looking to improve your art or simply getting started.

If you have a link you'd like added to the resources section of this website, or another change/feature request you'd like to make, please post it below in the comment section.