Learn Delightful Ways to Wrap Gifts

Give a gift a beautiful meaning with your personal style of wrapping. Half the fun of receiving a gift is beautiful wrapping. The other part is looking at it, and trying to decide what’s inside. Surprise anyone with carefully wrapped candy boxes in easy to use templates.

Below a great selection of patterns are available for bags, and gifts boxes. This tutorial will show you how to create lovely ribbon styles, shape roses, and how to create fantastic gift designs.

Many materials are reusable. You will learn to take items people might discard and make lovely gift-wrappings. Japanese fabric wrapping is packaging developed by recycling materials from fabrics you might have close by.

Printable Gift Bags and Gift Boxes

Read on and discover the secret of printable packaging. This adorable wrapping creation will make your gift giving unique. Special paper is unnecessary.

Choose between 9 patterns and 5 styles of printable wrapping colors and designs for every season.

Download these easy to print wrapping and shape them right at home.

Add a personal touch with labels telling those receiving gifts how special they are. Change these labels anytime.

Blank Templates for Gift Box Wrapping Creations

The use of templates makes creating personal gift-wrapping easy. Getting a reputation for the prettiest wrapping is quite a compliment. Here are some favorite templates:

Pillow- This template is easy. Get a double download with two different sizes for a fun shaped pillow wrapping.

Cube- A cube-shaped is fantastic for the smaller trinkets. Use it for jewelry, or candy. Add ribbons and this little box makes an entry.

Heart- This heart shaped box folds into place with prefabricated slots, great for a wide range of holidays.

Chinese Take-out boxes are creative and fun. Make this box in a snap. Shapes into 3 sizes.

Blank Bag Templates

Gift Bag & handle is a practical and handsome design, works for a special treat.

Simple bag is a treat to make. Just print, make the fold along the lines and glue.

Make Your Own Gift Box, Origami Style

Integral Lid Origami folds over with crafty triangles. The look of the box is pretty. Only one sheet of paper is required for a smart gift enclosure.

Separate Lid requires two items of paper, paper scissors, and a few moments to fold this firm little box.

Easy Origami bags lets you prepare dozens of trinkets for wrapping since it only takes 30 seconds, and it is ready for use.

Rectangular Boxes for gifts have a special template with remarkably easy to follow instructions. Create a rectangular box for all occasions.

Gift Wrapping Techniques

Ribbon Flowers are a delicate way to decorate a card, gift boxes, or bottles of any kind. Show off your skills after watching a quick how-to video.

Ribbon Bow Tying turns an ordinary box into a work of art. Use a handy ribbon template.

Special Gift Packaging instructions show you how to manage ribbon-weaving, ripcord quick covering, or Japanese fabric wrap. This tutorial shows you how to use little things to make great gift-wrapping.

Making Gift Tags & Envelopes

Square Origami envelope 2 shapes let you present gifts with flare. Fold the paper and you have a neat gift tag.

Origami Heart design looks unique. This is a bright change in paper folding.

Printable Christmas Tags are fun and you can make them as colorful as you like.

Card or letter envelope designs give that special touch to holiday cards and special wishes.

Square Origami shows new style in folding letters.

Have Fun

Lovely gift-wrapping is fun to give away and it is entertaining. These candy boxes are affordable and beautiful.