Ways to Prevent Candida

For many people, candida can be quite an annoying disease. It’s a disease that people will suffer with for the rest of their life, and the flare-ups are never fun. Many times, people think it’s a medical issue, but it’s had to diagnose and get rid of the yeast in the body. Often, it’s kept under control by the immune system, but there are a few things that can make the bad bacteria take out the good bacteria. With candida, you’ll notice that the yeast tends to grow, and it’ll cause unpleasant symptoms in the body, including where your mouth is. You’ll be more prone to illness, and it’ll make the mouth more susceptible to this. Candida isn’t fun, and you can discuss this with your Kennewick dentist, but there are a few things that you can use to prevent candida from getting worse, or even having it period.

The first, is prescription drugs. Contraceptives, antibiotics, and steroids are the main reason for candida, since it’ll kill the bacteria, and the yeast will take over. Talk to your doctor about other options to help put the good bacteria in, and keep the bad guys out.

Now diet and eating right is another huge part of this, and it’s part of the reason why candida can be so bad in people. For many of us, the American diet is the reason we have problems period, since often, the foods that are high in sugars and refined carbs, along with alcohol, cause this. You should start by first getting rid of the sugar, and you need to check everything, including the flours and condiments. You should reduce the amount of various grains, beans, fruits, pastas, breads, and even potatoes, since this will cause the carbs to feed the yeast.

Now, you should starve this, and instead of having this, start by having more green veggies and healthy fats. You should riddle your diet with these, and along with this, have some olive oil, seeds and nuts, along with eggs. Putting all of this in there and starving out the bad yeast will cause it to eliminate it. The other thing you should have is more protein. Organic chicken, salmon, and turkey are great for this, and having more of this is definitely a good thing to put into your lifestyle, so do incorporate it for best results.

Having raw garlic and onions is a great way to add to the lifestyle, and they can really help with getting rid of the bacteria. However, you should try to eliminate all fermented foods because bacteria eat this as well. It’s not just yeast, but this too. Having too many of these things also causes candida, so eliminate them too.

The final thing that you should be watching out for is making sure that you do oil pulling. This is essentially putting oil in your mouth and swishing it around for twenty minutes. It’s an anti-microbial and will help get rid of some of the yeast in the mouth. You take it in, preferably some organic coconut oil, and do this in the mornings and evenings to remove the bacteria. You want to do this for twenty minutes for best results. When you’re done, put it in the trash and not the sink, since this could clog it, and there is a chance that the bacteria could get back onto there if you’re not careful. Not only is this good for the mouth, but it can also help with the health of the gums and teeth too, so I do recommend it.

Candida is a bit of a hard disease to combat, since it honestly will never go away. But do talk to your Kennewick dentist about this. See what else you can do to help with the condition. By becoming smart about what you’re putting in your body, taking the time to ultimately know what’s good and not so good for it, you’ll be able to eliminate all of the bad side effects of this, and ultimately and hopefully, make it less, so do talk to them and get the help that you need for this condition right away too.