Four Ways to Control Candida

Candida is a problem that affects many people in this day and age. It’s mostly around due to the overuse of antibiotics, foods that don’t have nutrients, but also because of foods with too much yeast in them. It releases 79 different toxins into yourself, and if can contribute to brain fog, pain in muscles and joints, even weight gain in many cases. You might want to ask your Bothell dentist how to control this, but there are also a few personal things you can do. This article will discuss the best ways to control candida in your body and to help it go away.

The first step, is to oil pull with oreganos to get rid of the fungi in the mouth. Oil is an antifungal, and combining that with oregano and peppermint can really help. The best way to get the fungi out of there naturally is to oil pull it, which is essentially taking a bit of oil such as extra-virgin olive oil or coconut oil combined with the essential oils. You should then take it, put it inside your mouth, and swish it as you would with mouthwash. You should then spit it out in the trash can. With this, you don’t put it in the sink. You also shouldn’t swallow it either. This is treated along with guidance from your doctor or Bothell dentist, but this is something that you can start with. Do it twice a day, in the morning and evening. Coconut also has a powerful antifungal in it, and oil of oregano does as well. Having these together will help you kill off the candida yeast.

Next, you want to take some probiotics. You can take anywhere from 25-100 billion probiotic units to help reduce the candida levels and put the good bacteria there. There are many great probiotics out there and you should choose one that works well and is both powerful, and yet strong. You can take these with food but also make sure that the antifungals don’t cross paths. You should make sure before you start any treatment that you tell your doctor about this first, since everyone’s bodies are different and may not react so well.

Then you want to start on the diet to fight candida. Focus on high quality organic greens, coconut oil, raw mutts and seeds, chicken, turkey, and eggs that are organic, and make sure to not have anything that contains sugar or yeast. The foods that you do have will starve the body, but remember, the yeast will feed n sugar and foods that have yeast, so you should make sure that you get rid of these so that they don’t affect your gut. It’s not just gluten and sugars either, but also dairy, fried foods, processed foods, and soy foods. You can experiment, but make sure that you’re working with your doctor on this before you do so that you don’t take anything you shouldn’t.

Finally, talk to your doctor about alternatives to either contraceptives, or also for any antibiotics. Remember, these will eliminate the good bacteria in the body, which causes the candida to flourish. If you can get an alternative to this, do so immediately. Remember this will only make the battle to take back your gut health and eliminate candida all the more easier, so it’s encouraged to try to get off if these as much as you can. You owe it to yourself and your overall health by doing so.

You should always consult your doctor on any plans that you want to make regarding your candida. Remember, this must be controlled by both parties, and it’s imperative that you take your time in doing so. Remember, this won’t go away completely, but instead, it’ll be put under a better control. By doing so, you’ll be able to have a much better situation, a much easier time with working on this, and overall, you’ll feel better about your overall health as well, for it can make a difference in the way your body is, and also in the way your body’s reactions to overall situations and conditions will be as you continue progressing.