WTA Board & Stipends

Officers/Building Representatives

2018-2019 School Year Officers and Representatives

President - Kori Rogers (Happy Hollow Fourth Grade Teacher)

Vice-President - Michelle Lataille (Happy Hollow Special Education Teacher)

Secretary - Maureen Devlin (Happy Hollow Fifth Grade Teacher)

Treasurer/Negotiations Chair - Ken Rideout (Wayland High School Physics Teacher, Department Head)

Membership Coordinator - Leigh Netcoh

Grievance Chair - Michele Fiske

Social Chairs - Jaclyn Mattson and Alyssa Leo

Community Outreach Chair - Becky Lepow

Sick Bank Committee: Mark Owen, Sharon Postma

Building Representatives - High School

  • Eva Urban Hughes
  • Joanne Schmidt

Building Representative - Middle School

  • Frank Lenz, WMS
  • Rebecca Poulo, WMS
  • Matt McCormack, WMS

Building Representative - Claypit Hill

  • Mark Owen, CH

Building Representative - Loker

  • Becky Lepow, LO
  • Marie Pesaturo

Building Representative - Happy Hollow

  • Deirdre Bergeron, HH
  • Gretchen Ryder-Sharry - HH

Past President

Jay Chandler, WHS

Negotiations Chair

Kori Rogers, HH

Officers: The four officers are elected for one-year terms and may serve consecutive terms. The responsibilities of the officers are detailed in the bylaws. Elections are held near the end of each academic year, typically in May or June. If you are interested in being a WTA officer or representative, please contact any one of the Executive Board members listed below.

Building Representatives: The WTA Bylaws also provide for representation for each school. Representatives serve two-year terms.

Executive Board: Taken together, the officers, the building representatives, the immediate past president and the chairperson of the Social Committee comprise the Executive Board.

Executive Board Email List: It’s best to send WTA Board Information through non Wayland emails most of the time. If you want to contact a Union member, please send them an email to their WPS email saying that you'd like to talk. Include your private email in the note, but you may not want to relay the details of the issue on your WPS email.


  • President: An amount equal to 25.925%, rounded to the nearest whole dollar, of the Bachelors minimum salary as specified in the salary schedule in effect at the start of the of the school year for which the term in office is being served.
  • Vice-President: 7% of the President’s stipend.
  • Secretary: 3% of the President’s stipend.
  • Treasurer: 5% of the President’s stipend.
  • Negotiation’s Team: 7% of the President’s stipend.
  • Grievance Chair: 15% of the President’s stipend.
  • Negotiations Chair
  • Negotiations Yr: 40% of the President's stipend.
  • Non-Negotiations Yr: 10% of the President’s stipend.
  • Building Reps. & Social Chr: 2% (honorarium) of the President’s stipend

Officer/Representative Reports

Treasurers' Corner

Ken Rideout is our Treasurer. Follow this link for information about dues and other dollars.

WTA Website

Maureen Devlin contact Maureenprattdevlin@gmail.com with updates, corrections, and more

Standing Committees

In addition to elected positions, there are appointed positions for Standing Committees.

  • Social Committee: Chairperson plus three members
  • School Committee Observers: Chairperson plus four members
  • Salary and Working Conditions Committee (SWCC): One person from each elementary school, three persons from the Middle School and three persons from the High School are the typical composition of the SWCC. The Committee is formed at the start of a negotiations year and gathers input from Association members.
  • Grievance Committee: The Grievance Chair is appointed by the President. The Grievance Committee is the Executive Board.
  • Scholarship Committee: Three high school, two middle school and one person from each elementary school; serve two year terms.
  • Sick Bank Committee: Two teachers from different schools, nominated by the President, approved by the Executive Board and working with two representatives of the School Committee.
  • Budget Committee: Comprised of an appointed Chairperson, the Treasurer and two other members.

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