Website History

This page will document the website creation and update efforts so as the website gets passed along people can understand the decisions made and the work done.

Spring 2016 Update: Maureen Devlin assumed responsibility of updating the website as directed from the Board and membership.

  • MTA's website manager, Jair Mendes ( ) was contacted and this website now appears on the MTA site.
  • The website was sent to board members for review and comments in April 2016.
  • The website address will be sent to all members to elicit their ideas about updates, revisions, and additions.

During the summer of 2016, the website updates continued. Information specific to professional learning opportunities, ESSA, Health Insurance and Benefits, and DDMs was updated. The website will continued to be updated throughout the year as issues and new information come to light.

The website was updated again 12/6/2016.

The website was converted to new Google Sites during the summer of 2017

The website is representative of membership, so if there needs to be new information or updates, please contact Thank you!